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newbie landing zone question


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  • Modz Gold Member

Hi all,

Silly question maybe, but what is the easiest way to move a landing zone. I've tried simply dragging it, but if it's a long way, it gets lost or something.  Can I not simply delete the old one and create a new one?


Sorry, but I'm a newb to this whole thing.


Thanks! :)


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  • Modz Gold Member

You can also try the following :


Select and hold the landing zone, start moving it, then hold & press on the right mouse button (while still holding / moving the landing zone.)


Kinda early to explain this lol sorry, hope it makes sense. 


Basically what this will do is move the piece but also move you point of view which, I find makes it easier when completely moving off a piece on a map. 


Hope it helps. 


Ps : not sure if it's a feature from the Rochi mod or if it comes standard with the editor.


And no need to apologize, the community here is very helpful. 

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