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New Modz Website ~ ** Soon to be Released**


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Hi All

So some of you may have heard...or not... :)  that the Modz forums has been undergoing a major face-lift over the past couple of months. Well that work is now close to being finished and hopefully in a couple of weeks we will be testing the new site for a release date in September!!!!

We are planning a massive in game event for the release of the new website and in addition we have setup a New Modz Discord server.


So feel free to click the link below that will invite you to the Modz Discord server.

Modz Discord Server

There is lots of plans for the discord server to allow events to be promoted and it to be used as a central hub to communicate with Builders and DJs in game.

We will also be setting up a "Technical help" section where you can ask the geeks about computer stuff :)


There will be more news released in the coming weeks regarding the new Modz website and all the new exciting things that we will be introducing to the site!!!


Exciting times ahead!


Nym <3



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Hey all

So we have started testing a few things on the Modz site (you might have already noticed) as we work towards the release new site. :D

The New Licences version of the site allows more features than the original site so you might see us testing some of these new features over the Christmas period.


Please feel free to give any feed back on the site. If there is something you really do not like...Let us know!! 


Cheers all


Nym <3



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