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How do you enforce hiding names in your room?


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1 hour ago, Amy_Trubblemaker said:

I know one way to do it is to make your world below the ocean level (or raising the level above your room)... but there must be another way, I keep seeing "hunt and fuck island" that has it enforced and the ocean is still normal. 


there is now a drop down box you can use to hide names in your room.

Its in the settings tab under Game


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19 hours ago, FeliciaX said:

Was looking into this one myself too, but not sure how to set the world 50 meters below..  can't drag a finished one down either, just freezes 3dx.

Lower the ocean level by typing a number greater than -50 in to the Ocean level Box in the  Editor settings (-65 for example)

Then select your whole build and lower it down to the ocean level. :)


YES, its SLOW, if you have a slower computer it might crash the game as you try and Move thousands of props at one time....But

If you are Patience, it can be done....I have waited several minutes watching my computer "Think" but it works...

Remember your computer "Thinking" while you are doing this doesn't mean its crashed the game...go make a coffee and let your computer process them move.


if you"Reallllly"l want to do this and can not get it to work, send me a PM here on the forums with the .world file and i can do it for you :)


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