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Strip Club 2020 (3D building ) Design Class A


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Hello everyone and happy new year and all the cool and fun stuff :) 

 Here My new 2020 Strip club <3 

Few Words : Its Only 209 kb yayyyyyyyyyyyyy meaning its super user and Pc friendly 

The build is clean and perfect - carefully Placed props So its give you that awesome Pc performance 

This build can take easy 150 peeps without lag yayyyyy

Also this build can look Full even with few people Due to carefully and stratigicaly placed items :) 

You see personaly I dont just build i take into account everything while building 

You can Find It Here : https://3dgamessexworlds.blogspot.com/p/strip-club-2020-3d-building-design.html      


Here a video and few pics check the Video in 1080P well youtube lowers the quality a lil but cant be helped :) 


2020-01-04 17-41-05_1102387.png

2020-01-04 17-41-14_1102912.png

2020-01-04 17-41-22_1103411.png

2020-01-04 17-41-01_1102148.png

2020-01-04 17-40-14_1099330.png

2020-01-04 17-40-54_1101726.png

2020-01-04 17-40-33_1100459.png

2020-01-04 17-40-39_1100859.png

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