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THE HOOD #1 New Room


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Well If you are The Kind That Love rooms with street-Alley-Hood Theme Then this is For you :) 

Few Words : Room is Only 194 KB yayyyyy meaning You can Forget what Lag is you can open this room Weeks and keep ur Pc cool 

You can have 150 peeps easily Playing on Max settings .

Its Not Only its awesome small file size Its also Due to carefully selected and  well Placed Props and items .


Not Many multi-prop items also that can kneel down ur pc and eventualy ur gaming experience .


Lets Face it rooms looks bad and Avis also look Bad on low settings Lol ,Every room i make its toward that specific Goal and that Goal is For people to be able to play on max settings while keeping ur pc fresh :) 

Now about the room Many places to discover and appartments many Dark Alleys ^^ well they have Some lights so u can see ur nose haha

anyways have fun and enjoy you can find the room here : https://3dgamessexworlds.blogspot.com/p/the-hood.html    


2020-01-10 19-20-37_478653.png

2020-01-10 19-21-23_481445.png

2020-01-10 19-21-35_482176.png

2020-01-10 19-21-38_482351.png

2020-01-10 19-21-58_483577.png

2020-01-10 19-22-10_484296.png

2020-01-10 19-22-19_484829.png

2020-01-10 19-22-28_485355.png

2020-01-10 19-22-33_485689.png

2020-01-10 19-22-37_485916.png

2020-01-10 19-22-45_486390.png

2020-01-10 19-22-53_486866.png

2020-01-10 19-23-03_487454.png

2020-01-10 19-23-08_487750.png

2020-01-10 19-23-21_488587.png

2020-01-10 19-23-31_489187.png

2020-01-10 19-24-00_490768.png

2020-01-10 19-24-08_491211.png

2020-01-10 19-24-13_491537.png

2020-01-10 19-24-50_493741.png

2020-01-10 19-30-23_513769.png

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