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Alivia's 2020 Island Free


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Hello everyone its time i share for free the island i had build for me to open whenever i was in mood :) 

Few words for this island :)

i did a lot of parties in this island So it has been tested with 120-150 people in each party on extreme high settings and 0 lag 

due to its small size and clean build :) 


Download here for Free : https://3dgamessexworlds.blogspot.com/p/alivias_11.html       

build with the awesome 3dxchat build editor <3 

here few pics 

Also If you want a custom build The way you imagine it be it a villa a club or whatever ...pm me here or in game with ur idea ..usually people send me pics of real life villas or clubs from real life- games or movies and build them similar :) 

ps i keep que order via date and time of requests so it be fair :) 

2020-03-12 07-18-31_36536.png

2020-02-21 11-29-43_411845.png

2020-02-21 11-30-20_413297.png

2020-03-12 07-16-04_27664.png

2020-03-12 07-16-11_28089.png

2020-03-12 07-16-21_28712.png

2020-03-12 07-16-35_29535.png

2020-03-12 07-17-05_31348.png

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