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New Luxury Villa (millennia series )


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iam Happy to announce my new series Of villas :) 

i call it Millennia series :)  and here the first villa idea i had ..

Before i show you the villa few words .. The goal Of this villa series is to provide Luxurious ish cool awesome rooms in Low file size :) 

So everyone can have fun there without lag without getting ur pc hot and same time being able to play in max graphics as possible :) 

i mean whats the point build 2 mb villa if you cant even stay in the room due to lag :)  

So this villa is 466 kb yayyyyyyyy

Here a preview Of the villa :) 





you can find the villa here : https://3dgamessexworlds.blogspot.com/      

also many other rooms there and many freebies  and soon Indoor and outdoor items 

i will have from ready fireplaces kitchens grills beds  preset islands other preset stractures so you only drag and drop what you like in ur room :) 

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