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Dear Gizmo...

I am developing a project that might be beneficial to improve this excellent game and also could make more profits to your company. Also, if you accepted the project, I would offer my services to provide collaboration absolutely for free, just for the pleasure of seeing our appreciated 3DXChat game grow in creativity and quality. I would appreciate it if you accepted to see my project and answer me if it is viable.


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Hi Nina

I believe Gizmo and Lisa may visit this forum from time to time, you are best to contact Lisa directly on the 3DXChat official Discord channel with your proposal if you want a fast response.

This Link will get you to the 3DXChat official Discord Server https://discord.gg/JegmH2m

The Server does not allow you to talk to Lisa/Gizmo publicly but if you right click on Lisa's name you can see an option to "Message" her Directly :)


Let me know if you need more help and feel free to share your project idea here on the Modz forums :)


Best of luck, Regards

Nym <3

Modz Admin



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