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My New Discord server :)


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  • Modz Gold Member

Hi everyone ,this time i wont share a room i have build hehe


This time ill share My new discord server 


In that discord server i will share the poses i make for the game and you can also suggest poses and i make them :) 

Its my belief that ppl should not just wait random poses to appear in game so my way to help is by making that discord server where ill be posting my poses and you will be able to particiapate and suggest cool stuff :) 

Also in that server i will be posting my other sex animation projects  for the future sex animations like ( overwatch sex- final fantasy -lara croft) all those famous characters :) 

Ps my server isnt a group like thingie or to advertize parties etc ..no its not my goal  allthough on bottom there is a tab  for that for those that wish to do that  .

My priority is to share my poses and ppl suggest also i will share there various builds when i have time to build that is :) 


So here is ur invite  for cool kind ppl :) 



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