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Admin Announcement - New File Upload Rule

This announcement is no longer active


Hi All

This message is to notify all Modz members about a new rule I have added to the uploading of free files on the Modz website.


The new rule is as follows.

You may not upload files to the Modz site that you have Downloaded from an alterative 3dxChat File Sharing website. Even if you have made changes to the file, only files that exist in the free section of Modz Website can be uploaded back to the Modz website.

You will see this new rule in the downloads section and when you upload a file to the Modz website


So why the new rule?

When the Modz website was setup there was no other Websites sharing files from 3DXChat, however that has changed over the past few years and there are now a lot of sites out there offering the same service now. Some of these websites share our rules about the sharing of free files, other do not and as Modz members we all need to respect the choices of others.


Modz Free Downloads, was setup to openly share each others creations and to celebrate the creativity of the 3DXChat community. It was not setup to start file ownership wars. This is and will always be the reason for free file sharing here on the Modz website.


Please feel free to contact me directly here on the Modz site or on Discord, Nym#1654 if you want to discuss this further.



Nym :)






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