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  • AmyLaRouche's Winter Cabin By AmyLaRouche

    A cozy little cabin in a snowy landscape, its Christmas themed, but that's easy enough to take out when the holidays are done! Inside there are lots of places for cuddling or having fun, cuz well, need those!
  • AmyLaRouche's Hacienda By AmyLaRouche

    A place I wanted to built since, well, forever really and I finally got around to it during the holidays! A Mexican style beach hacienda, it's like a home/small resort kind of thing really. Spacious with lots of places to have some fun. There's an infinity pool and a couple of jacuzzi's and a large patio for hosting parties
  • Christmas Pyramide By Joerg

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    Approx. 10 meter high Christmas pyramid with three levels. The lowest level has two beds and two couches with function.   This is the first building of my planned Christmas market.  I hope you like it
  • AmyLaRouche's Cliffside Villa By AmyLaRouche

    A cliffside villa with a boathouse and beach, its big enough for parties, and there's a huge dancing deck at the back of the house. Lots of places to cuddle and have fun!
  • AmyLaRouche's Jungle Villa By AmyLaRouche

    It's an open-spaced jungle villa, with lots of cozy little nooks and crannies. It also has a partydeck, so you can use it to host your parties! Ofcourse, we so need a pool, cuz it's the jungle and it's hot!   Hope you will enjoy it!
  • Sugar Daddy Apartment By ghostintheshell

    What to say: combination of many free files. Most from "Hello Kitty House by Thamea", "Cliffside Villa by AmyLaRouche", "Teddy Bear by Shanti". Thanks to these and all others.
  • AmyLaRouche's Tropical Island Villa By AmyLaRouche

    This is one of my older rooms, still built without the benefit of the new landscapes, it's a nice villa on an island with lots of places to hang out and have fun, it has 2 infinity pools, livingroom/kitchen/bedroom/bathroom/jacuzzi and a sauna, beaches all around too!   Ofcourse there's a big dancing deck, so you can host parties, need parties!

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