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  • christmas Christmas decoration By WendyLin

    Reindeer is a chair Sleigh is a sofa This file also contains Santa Claus and Reindeer from the previous article Hope you all like it. (^_^) ================================================= === I separate the sleigh, reindeer and Santa Claus. Now you can download the part you like (^_^)   (Christmas)sled.world (Christmas)Santa Claus holding a gift bag.world (Christmas)Santa Claus and Reindeer.world (Christmas)Reindeer Chair.world (Christmas) Snowman.world
  • Holly By VanilleDouce

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    A little holly for your Christmas decorations   Un peu de houx pour vos décorations de Noël
  • Christmas Pyramide By Joerg

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    Approx. 10 meter high Christmas pyramid with three levels. The lowest level has two beds and two couches with function.   This is the first building of my planned Christmas market.  I hope you like it
  • Christmas Trees By Nym

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    Hi Everyone I had a request for some Christmas Trees that were larger than the default one in game. So here is what i came up with.   The two with the stars i made, the smaller one is a default tree so you can see the size difference.  

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