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  • Jukebox_Radio By Lea

    for those who do not want to put up the old radio anymore
  • Newik Mansion - Out Now By Lexzia

    Newik Mansion out now.. OBS: For get access to Newik Mansion, and download it, you need to join my club first.. The club is open for everyone.   (You join the club on the right side of the club pic) My newest home to you all as free give away - Happy Easter everyone    Newik Mansion is a house i saw in a music video, so its build out from pic's form a reel house. I have just change some of the disign so it fits to 3dx and the way i like it. Now its out for all of you. I hope you l
  • Microwave By Lexzia

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    Microwave with numbers... the microwave is set to 3 minuts be cause it takes 3 minuts to make popcorn  and off cause there is a back of popcorn inside the microwave   You find the microwave up in the air
  • Sex Bench By Lexzia

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    Sex Bench I have mark the pose there fits to this sex bench on the pic. Put it against a wall or window, when the"bed pose" is against the wall / Window it fits perfect. The level of it (High/low) dosn't matter so much, be cause the bodies is on top of the bench, so that you can adjust as you want almost: I think its a cool pose   You find the Sex Bench up in the air
  • 3DXChat 64-bit Patch (Experimental) By AlexRyder

    This patch will "upgrade" your game to a 64-bit version. For the most part, this means the game will be able to use more than 3 Gb of RAM on 64-bit operating systems and will probably run more smoothly in crowded or heavily furnished rooms. There is probably no point to use this patch if you have less than 4 Gb of free RAM for the game to use.   This patch updates the Unity engine runtime files, so it will only work for a specific Unity version the game has been compiled with
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