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  1. A new adventure awaits you soon for a new world in the making
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  3. Version 1.0.0


    Hello all metalheads.We are together again with new Eastland Expedition Heavymetal Club Magazine June (fanzin) 11’th vol. I'm so glad you to download and read our magazine. We hope, we made mistake less while preparing pages but hopefully you love it. We will read more album reviews in this edition. We are here with brand new content and more of bands news. First of all, we chose OPETH as the band of the month. They have a great contribution to the heavymetal industry and they are one of the best heavy metal bands of all time and the leader of Progressive Metal and Founded in Sweeden, this band is one of the biggest representatives of progressive. Other topics are 12 Best Female and Female Fronted bands, review of new Arch Enemy’s single, Depeche Mode’s keyboardist passed away, Dave Lombardo by Gisellly and Zakk Wilde’s Guitar Evolution by DaveDD with some funny pages… Eastland Expedition announced new club named Eastland SpaceX, and Eastland Temple is coming sooni thank you all who stop by. Have Fun! Thank you so much and much love from Eastland! \m/ woooooooooooot \m/
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  4. Finally, a new version is out V2.1.0 The Guide is reworked and hopefully better now, I made some options expert options, so normally, you do not have to take care about them. Also I tried to make possible problems easier to see (e.g. number of elements)
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  5. Party und Spaß im Der☢GENERATOR® Depeche Mode Party jeden 2. Montag mit SvenMuc & Teresa
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  6. Habt Spaß im Generator bei Teresa mit The Pirates DJanes und SvenMuc
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  7. Ladies, come in the GIRLS ON FIRE Club to celebrate a Night full of Fun. Only for us, without Guys. We start 7 pm CET// 11 am US Time
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  8. the answer to both questions is the same. You have to use the 'Scale' command. Whether it is a single object or a group of objects. The only caveat is that if you want them to change not on their single axis but on the group axis, you must ensure that the "Centre" option is selected instead of "Pivot". This also applies to rotation. Once you have selected the object, or group of objects, hold down the "Shift" key and left-click on the square that appears at the centre of the "Scale" pointer, moving the mouse up or down will increase or decrease the object or group of objects proportionally on all axes.
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    Delia's Roadhouse is always a great time, great music and atmosphere
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  13. 3. Lippstick Rock Festival on the Rusty Field on 04.06.2022 Beginns 6:00 pm CET BANDS: Venom - Bish - Rockwich - Fire Angel & NEWCOMMER MAX OVERDRIVE
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  14. Thank you for the answer. I evidently missed that somehow. Hugs, Marie
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  15. Hi, Is there a requirement (Ex. a certain number of posts) one has to achieve in order to upload files to 3DXModz? If there is a way, it isn't obvious to me, or I'm blind (which is possible). Thanks, Marie
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  16. Yes, its 30 days. Unfortunately we have to do this to mitigate people trolling each other with file uploads.
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  17. Beautiful album... BlackBig in Meredian
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  30. Heartland is a Canadian TV Show airing since 15 years. A multi-generational saga set in Alberta, Canada and centered on a family living and working on a horse ranch, getting through life together in both happy and trying times. The RL Ranch where the Show is filmed is located in Millarville, Alberta, Canada
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  31. Papagayo Beach Club Papagayo Beach Club, Playa de las Americas Open this door on 3dxchat on March 6th 2021. Date of Birthday of Summerbrez. PARTNERSHIPS with architecture of Ladydragonne. Support Papagayo Club The proposed calendars or services may vary depending on the boss Summerbreez . Kitchens Mediterranean, European, International Special schemes Vegetarians welcome Vegetarians welcome, gluten free dishes Meal Lunch, dinner, brunch, open late, drinks Features Reservations, terrace, private room, seating, access People with disabilities, serves alcohol, full bar, American Express, Accepted MasterCard, Visa accepted, Free Wi-Fi, Accepts bank cards, table service, concerts, Waterside 5 stars opinion Superb Bar Restaurant The day, nightclub at night affordable exellent food I consult more a breathtaking view.
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  32. Version 1.0.0


    Hi Everyone Attached is a Simple PDF of ZaraUK basic guide on how to start Streaming Music in 3DXChat.....like your favorite DJ's. Her article can also be found on the here. Nym
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  33. From the album: LR Luxurious

    The living room have a glass floor, so you can see to the level under where there is a indoor pool and a gym
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