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  14. I built this room quickly to enter the contest, it is ready in beta version but I made it thinking about all the rules requirements. This club is themed with the game Max Payne 3 Objects used: DJ Controller table: LukeM (but I've improved) Bottles: Redji and Tiazinha Elevator and separator pedestal: Thamea (changed color and size) Size: 1,145 KB (exactly, all this for just over 1 mega) ensuring phenomenal performance. - I added Light, Theming, Booth DJ, Dance Floor, Lounge / Seating and Bar resources. - Rooms such as Sex Rooms or strip clubs will not be accepted for the prize. that's why there's no bed and no pole dance - it is a room that can accommodate many people without delay. Download for judge: mordeno_max_payne_064_beta Ultra light.world Call me in discord: Tiazinha # 9313 The pink lights are stairs inside the wall, and the floor lights are forks. that door can pass dance floor overlooking a vip area seating areas with a privileged view of the dance floor a detailed bar that people can enter from the side a stool in the official Night Club room to sit and chat you can look at the ceiling that has an air conditioning system and metal frames that support the speakers. light effects now we are in the vip area the elegant place for people to dance and enjoy a good chat climbing the stairs from the VIP area gives access to the lounge very cool place to party too It's a view of the building Must this bunch of colored dots on the wall be heavy? not because they are stairs. lol
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  25. Version 1.0.0


    Metalheads Heavymetal Magazine by Eastland Expedition Vol.1 August Edition - 48 Pages Hello, Dear 3DX game and 3DX friends and readers. I created heavymetal magazine for all metalheads or headbangers. It's monthly publication and i'm glad to publish first volume. Thank you to download and read it, you can see articles in cover page and contents. Have fun. Pamelapammy (Eastland Expedition)
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  31. contact me in game you can have these outfits
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  32. yes i have outfit in 3dx
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  33. Version 1.0.1


    Hello all metalheads. We are together again with new Eastland Expedition Heavymetal Club Magazine "Metalheads" (fanzin) Second vol. with 50 pages. I'm so glad you to read our magazine. This is second publication from us. I hope we made mistake less while preparing pages but hopefully you love it. We are here with brand new content. First of all, we chose Amon Amarth as the music group of the month. They have a great contribution to the heavymetal industry. Founded in Tumba, Sweden, this band is one of the biggest representatives of melodic death metal. Other topics are metalcore band JINJER from Ukraine, the biggest name of immortal Death, Chuck Schuldiner, some new bands from all over the world, the biggest metal festivals of the world, Argentina’s death/thrash representative Interview with Santiago Maravilla, the mastermind of Kadavro band, The Hu band from Mongolia, some 3DX heavymetal clubs broadcast on it, and others some funny pages... Thank you so much and much love from Eastland! \m/ woooooooooooot \m/ pamelapammy - sashass - gisellly
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  35. This is the best
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  39. love the look
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  40. How about getting 3dx to allow Rocchi Back? her dll was the best, and besides that, how about getting the tv to work again?
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