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    Hello all metalheads, happy new year. Best wishes from us for 2022. We are together again with new Eastland Expedition Heavymetal Club Magazine January (fanzin) Sixth vol. I'm so glad you to download and read our magazine. This is sixth publication from us. I hope we made mistake less while preparing pages but hopefully you love it. We are here with brand new content and more of bands news. First of all, we chose DEATH as the band of the month. They have a great contribution to the heavymetal industry and they are one of the best heavy metal bands of all time and the leader of Death Metal Music. Founded in Florida USA, this band is one of the biggest representatives of heavy metal. Other topics are Metal Injection Best of 2021 Metal Music Awards according to readers votes, Sodom from Germany, BabyMetal from Japan, Iced Earth from Florida USA, the legendary band all the time Testament, famous band of glam metal Motley Crue from USA, Napalm Death, Volbeat, legendary band Arch Enemy, and more bands also include and some album reviews with some funny pages… Also, Eastland Expedition announced new club named Eastland Istanbul… Have Fun! Thank you so much and much love from Eastland! \m/ woooooooooooot \m/
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  4. Git out and vote! Also, my user experience is startlingly the average user experience
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  6. From the album: REDDRAGON GROUPE

    © ladydragonne

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  7. Wow...... pretty nice number of participants.... Last two days of survey running - please share your opinion. https://cutt.ly/9thpoll
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  8. From the album: LR Luxurious

    A overview pic from the beach side
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  14. From the album: LR Luxurious

    Antoher pic from the gym/pool area
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  15. From the album: LR Luxurious

    The Gym next to the pool. The Gym Machines is made by Leopardus, they comes form his 3DX Prison. He have done a wonderful work with these machines, and the poses to them are really cool. and the pose system he have made works really good. Its a system i will take to me and use as well. Thank for that awesome work Leo. I have downloaded the Prison and then take the machines out one by one. It was a huge job to do, be cause many of the machines was not as one object, so i had to sit one by one and put it all together. So i now have them all as standalones machine by machine.
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  16. From the album: LR Luxurious

    The indoor pool, where there is a huge glass wall and roof, so the sun light can come in
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  17. From the album: LR Luxurious

    One of 3 toilets room there is.. This is next to the indoor pool
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  18. From the album: LR Luxurious

    Master Bathroom with shower and spa
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  19. From the album: LR Luxurious

    The living room have a glass floor, so you can see to the level under where there is a indoor pool and a gym
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  20. From the album: LR Luxurious

    Living room
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  22. From the album: LR Luxurious

    Bedroom with king size bed..
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  23. From the album: LR Luxurious

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  24. From the album: LR Luxurious

    Entry and spawn point
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  25. From the album: LR Luxurious

    Overview from the road
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  26. From the album: LR Luxurious

    The view from the road
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