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    • Streaming from a broadcaster to 3DX is pretty simple. I use Sam4 and I stream to Citrus3 but the process will be the same for Caster. Assuming you have an account with a broadcaster such as Caster, go into your control Panel and find the stream URL, If you can't find it ask the customer support what it is or to tell you where it is. The Stream URL for my Radio Station is http://s10.citrus3.com:8184/stream once you've found that copy it to your clipboard and then go to your radio widget in 3DX, click on it and paste the stream addy into the box. That's it, once your radio is enabled in settings, you should be live.
    • Well, I fixed the issue but I still don't know what happened. I built a small town and I didn't like the placement of two houses. I this is went the glitch happened so I deleted everything I moved before the glitch happened and the "wall" disappeared.  It sucks that I had to rebuild but thank god it fixed it
    • Some how in my area I have an area where a toon will hit an "invisible" wall. The toon will either walk in place, spin or walk right on up to the sky. I tried highlighting the area in hopes of maybe seeing something truly invisible. I don't know what to do now . Any suggestions? Thanks  Nikky
    • There is no way to swim in a pool, except if the water is the one of the sea.
    • I made a really nice large (and deep) pool. It's raised a bit from the water, so when i go in it i walk on the bottom till the water is over my head.  Is there a way to have avatars "swim" in the pool like they do in the oceans?   I remember someone had their pool set up like that, but can't remember the room or who made it.   Thank You
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