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    • Hi , daft question , but do we save this file in the 3dx file? I have downloaded it but don't see anyway of opening it ?    Thanks Tour
    • This is a my version of a gloryhole fuck booth for a friend, first try at building too.   The booth itself is floating in the sky and already grouped, simply change you rotation position from pivot to easily move and rotate it how you like.   There is also a light cube floating underneath it, this is not grouped and can be deleted as it is just there to mark the booth if it is hard to see. Feel free to tell me what you think. Glory for import.world
    • I would like to see a boot button installed for room owners who  can just boot someone out of the room for whatever reason as opposed to just ignoring/blocking them,an would also like to see   a guide on building that actually explains on how to build rooms in more detail
    • Use the scale tool, but make sure you change from Pivot to Center and than hold down the SHIFT key. A white square will appear in the middle of the moving arrows. Keep SHIFT pressed and keep left mouse click into the white square. Move the mouse up or down to make it smaller or bigger  
    • There is a prop I download from the Modz site that i would like to change the scale on.  Unfortunately the i try the scale tool some pieces change scale faster then others and it ruins the prop. Is there another way to change the scale of the whole prop so all pieces change size uniformly and keep the prop usable.   Thank You
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