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    • Mocha's Jazz Hive Club 3pm - 6pm CET Host & DJ MochaHunny with her own mix of Jazz to entertain you with something different for once   Stardust 4pm - 8pm est (SAT) 10pm - 2am cet (SAT) HOST BECKYROXI DJ STARDUST, Guest Dj's & WITH THE STARDUST DANCERS. OLDIES, ROMANTICS & Rock FROM THE 50'S TO NOW TO ENTERTAIN YOU   Want to see all our parties?   https://twitter.com/DavinaS_3dx,   https://3dxclubsevents.wordpress.com/category/events/,    https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/calendar/19-events/2020/9/   https://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/11717-united-independents-parties-saturday-19092020/   https://3dxevents.neocities.org/   https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/forum/63-general-forum/    Double D Stream plus other 3DX DJ's can also be found here,  http://eln.atwebpages.com/listentostreams.html    
    • This an place where hookers can sell them self´s & theyer services
    • I need find some clients. Any1 know good way/people?
    • Making BBC Room party. Need Black guys whit big cocks. Then need Girls to pleaure them
    • HunnyPot R & B Club 4pm - 8pm CET  Host & DJ MochaHunny with her own mix of R & B to entertain you and chill with her new venue in the Afternoon. Be different once in a while   A&R WET PUSSY 10pm - 2am CET Host & DJ Amey & Guest DJ FrontDE with a Techno/Minimal/House & Dance mix and a naughty twang. Come join in, have fun and enjoy the Party!!   CLUB STARWARS - 7pm - 10pm EST Mon & Fri 1am - 4am Tues & Sat CET Host HaileeHall, Club A.I. with their venue CLUB STARWARS, Dj MISO & KYLAN & Dance team FLAUNT, Band Tina & The Heartbreakers. awesome fun. COME DANCE, HAVE FUN, STRIKE BACK AT THE OLD GUARD AND DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT, JOIN THE REVOLUTION!!   Want to see all our party's?    https://twitter.com/DavinaS_3dx,    https://3dxclubsevents.wordpress.com/category/events/,   https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/calendar/19-events/2020/9/   https://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/11708-united-independents-parties-friday-18092020/   Double D Stream plus other 3DX DJ's can also be found here,  http://eln.atwebpages.com/listentostreams.html   (BunnyBot) https://3dxevents.neocities.org/   https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/forum/63-general-forum/    
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