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  2. It was a nice Saturday night💋💗


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  5. Hope is closely linked to love. When we have this feeling towards a person we feel a constant desire for it hoping that this will feel the same for us.
    There is no love without hope, but at a certain point it is also necessary to stop to understand if this does not become an obstacle that opposes the path of our life. Kisses PammyCox


  6. They say that everyone's destiny is written in the stars, but when two people love each other with a pure and sincere love, the celestial vault is not enough. The fate of one seems to be evident from the eyes of the other. Destiny decides who enters your life, but only you can decide who stays in your heart. Hugs PammyCcox


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  8. Please Come and join us at the Noise Controller's Event on the 5th of March 2020 at 18h00 CET. For Live DJ's with killer tunes and awesome vibes !
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