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  4. Relax, remember, rest, recharge... Spend a serene Sunday evening with DJ's @JojoJoana, @Dota and @Mulan in the most beautiful place on the 3DX planet.
  5. EvaL


    Like a rolling stone...
    Your explanation of value to equal has renewed my hope for an ongoing project! Thanks for taking the time to break down this great tool.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Community Magazine for 3DXChat
  7. hi got a design of the le opera file im good at choosing nice style but horrilble at arranging need help someone help pretty please at least with my le opera design ty
  8. Hello to everyone! Thank you so much for your support! I won the title of SUPPORTER today thanks to you, I have worked hard in this process, I will do better! Do not skimp all support, take care of yourself. <3



  9. Hello I am Jelina, I will share my color setup for everyone. <3 


    Server : Meredian



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  11. Hello I am Jelina, I will share my color setup for everyone. <3 


    Server : Meredian



  12. AnnikaTM

    Christmas Village

    I am working on a set of Christmas parties this year. There is a little bit than a month left to get the place ready and the first party organized. Anyone interested in helping out?
  13. Oh I get it, I didn't understand your previous message. No problem Alexa, logos are just for openings, when the dance crews perform, not for the contest, because it's not really a part of the room. But I understand what you feel, really... By the way, I was forced to modify this logo for better visual integration (cf. the logo below yours on the picture). As we can see, I was careful to personalize it just a little, to make it look like the original perfectly. I hope you're not offended with this modification, it's just for a good integration (I do this for all logos, for each room). I take this opportunity to clarify this point and make sure everything is ok with that in the future.
  14. I hope I get my prize this time, unlike the last 3DXModz Competition
  15. I almost forgot... I designed the Velvet Devil Dancers logo that you used in your club... Dear Judges, please do not use the fact that @OliverX did not declare something that I designed against him. The Velvet Devil Dancers use that logo at all venues they are asked to perform at.
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    LLE presents The Zombie Club EDM Dance Party EDM Trance House Industrial with special guest DJ Vixxx
  17. until
    Sunday Night's Hottest Dance club, the original Black and White since 2018
  18. THANK YOU EVERYONE THAT HAS PARTICIPATED!! THE RESULTS ARE IN! ============================================ 1st PLACE - Moderno Club from Max Payne 3 - By Tiazinha 2nd PLACE - Last Exile - by OliverX 3rd PLACE - Club Snowbunny - by Petlucious 4th PLACE - BRB Club - by Samsexy 5th PLACE - Nalley Tower - by AlexaDarkness ============================================ Thank you everyone that had submitted a Nightclub for this competition. We apologize for the long wait. Due to time-zones and schedules it was hard to get things done in a timely manor. Everyone that participated did an amazing job with their builds. If you see any of these clubs open in 3DXchat, please show them your love and congratulate them. I will be contacting each of the winners via Discord so they can receive their Prizes.
  19. I Will make a new room a soon! but room is perfect please follow! <3 ty

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  21. The ☣BDSMetal Gang☣ in association with ★★★★★PETHUNTER and ST⚝RDUST After the Dance Battle of Moonlight We now proudly present the Band Battle with Moonlight, Venom, Rockwitch ShaKay, Bish, Apothic, Phoenix on stage! Don't miss to hear and to celebrate great rock music with 7 bands from 2 continents!
  22. hi im looking in this club for a designer who can help me fix up 1 or 2 designs ive started im not too good with some things like arangement or placement i was wondering if theres a designer out there that can help me ill attach the two files one thing i know i want other than arangement is the hearts on the chair seats resized to full and hearts on the inside back of chairs help please ty:) LA OPERA 10.world CLUB ONE 12.world
  23. What happened with the contest? Why nobody wanted to post the room here on the forum like I did?
  24. My last work

    © Devil Mother/AmaArhus

  25. My last work

    © Devil Mother/AmaArhus

  26. My last work

    © Devil Mother/AmaArhus

  27. Последната ми работа

    © Devil Mother/AmaArhus

  28. Carved from a single solid stone, PUSSY RIOT is rooted in rock in every way. This Sunday we go back to our roots with DJs @Mulan and @Eyleen for a night of the very best rock, metal and blues you can imagine. Join us, and find out why PUSSY RIOT ROCKS!
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