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  2. Chill with Bill - 4pm - 8pm CET 10am - 2pm EST Host & Dj Curiousret (Bill) with his New Venue. Blues/Jazz/Classic Rock & More. Chill, start your day, float through your afternoon with fun, wit and a friendly party, All Welcome Club Matrix, - 7pm - 10pm EST Mon 1am - 4am Tues CET Host HaileeHall, Club A.I. with their CLUB THE MATRIX , Dj's Junbug, Demi & Rep, Dance team FLAUNT, awesome fun. CUM FIND OUT THE FUTURE & JOIN THEM, HAVE FUN AND DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY Want to see all our party's? https://twitter.com/DavinaS_3dx, https://3
  3. You are more than welcome to use this forum to reach out to the community Busty. I trust you can find the right partner
  4. Hello! I am a long term 3dx player, since the beginning I believe. I am looking to return from a hideous. Since the official forum is not allowing new members I decided I would try to contect with the community through this site as well as discord. I have used modz for a while and like to thank the builders for giving us the foundations to create our own worlds. I am trying to connect with anyone before I decide to jump back on. I am looking for a long term partner. I am not looking for any realife or real cyber relationship but a long term 3dx partner to have kinky, imaginative,
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  6. The Double D Sunday 4pm - 7pm CET Host & DJ Vina & DJ Davi, a mix of 80's, Classic Disco & Disco remixes at the Updated Shiraz Tower Double D Club, NOT TO BE MISSED. The Sinful Synergy Dance Team. A great way to chill through your morning or kick start your afternoon/evening KYSO ENTERTAINMENT Ebony 10pm - 1am CET Host & DJ Miso with DJ's Tonny Drake & Kylan, with their club Ebony, the Fabulous Flaunt Dance team, this is bound to be explosive and fun!!!! Want to see all our party's? https://twitter.com/DavinaS_3dx, https://3d
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    A tribute to one the great Rock'n'Rollers who died way too early.
  9. Je vais sans doute m'attirée les foudres mais je n'arrive a rien avec votre programme tout est trop lourd ... ça bug ... les images sont trop grandes ... un tuto en français serait le bienvenu ... voir même le plus simple serait de pouvoir nous servir de nos images directement sur les blocs de constructions là je Pete un câble ... sans doute suis-je trop idiote pour m'en servir mais je sais qu'ailleurs les intégrations d'images sont bien plus simple ... après tout on ne demande qu'a mettre une image plane sur un mur et non une image 3D ... là je rage c'est sans doute moi qui n'y comprends ri
  10. A & R Presents Wet Pussy Club 10PM - 2AM CET Host & DJ AmeyThomson, Resident DJ Vos & Guest Live DJ's Ashley, Aniele & DJane Devil. Minimal Club Tech & More PLUS The Sinful Synergy Dance Team for fun with an added naughty twang Want to see all our party's? https ://twitter.com/DavinaS_3dx https://3dxclubsevents.wordpress.com/category/events/, https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/calendar/19-events/2020/11/ https://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/12059-united-independents-parties-saturday-14112020/ https://3dx
  11. Ann Takia

    Ann's Blog

    My journey in 3DX bit.ly/anntakiya
  12. Tunes with Tena - 5pm - 9pm CET Host & DJ Foxxy Lady, Club The Red Fox, Rock, Pop & music by Request, Chill, have fun and join with the Sassy Red head bringing the weekend in CLUB A.I. with CLUB STARWARS, in a new time slot - 9pm - midnight CET 3pm - 6pm EST Host HaileeHall, Club A.I. with their Club STARWARS, DJ SASHABOY, DJ MISO & DJ KELDUR With Dance team FLAUNT, awesome fun. COME DANCE, HAVE FUN! FIGHT THE FIGHT, SAVE THE PRONCESS, A.I. & FLAUNT COME TO THE CET ZONE FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT WITH A AWESOME DJ LINEUP!! Want to see all our party's?
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  14. we worked rehearsals today💋💗😊

    Love💖 is the flower🌸 you've got to let grow💗


    SALMA 6.jpg

  15. a new excitement     💗 🇰🇼  ✌ 

    SALMA CV.jpg

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  19. THE DOUBLE D TUESDAY - 8PM - 11PM CET HOST MrsDavinaP with DJ Davi & DJ Vina. with Amazing Flaunt Dance Team, OUR VENUE The Updated ROCK BAR, MIX OF ROCK REMIXES & CLASSIC ROCK ALL FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT, ALL WELCOME Want to see all our party's? https ://twitter.com/DavinaS_3dx https://3dxclubsevents.wordpress.com/category/events/, https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/calendar/19-events/2020/11/ https://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/12069-united-independents-parties-tuesday-24112020/ https://3dxevents.neocities.org/
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    It's so beautiful outside
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    beautiful view
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