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    • You can follow us on our Discord : Fairy Tale Project
    • Hello,   Today, I am here to present to you the club that I manage with MaliciaFairy and which opened for almost a week. The idea of managing a club and parties comes from MaliciaFairy, my wife in the game, who is also the creator of the BANANA CLUB as well as the official DJ. The BANANA CLUB is open every day from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. and is geared towards a Latino ambience. Every Saturday it's "SATURDAY NIGHT IN BANANA CLUB" from 9:00 pm to 2:00 am with themed parties because we are eager to vary the pleasures (Disco, Rock, Pop ......). Hope to see you all there.     The ♪ ♬ ♪ THE BANANA CLUB ♪ ♬ ♪:   The BANANA CLUB is divided into two distinct areas. A large dance floor spread over two levels. The upper level with its stage and two DJ decks to mix without interruption throughout the evening. The lower level in the basement allowing for more privacy. A large swimming pool with these deckchairs and its bar for those who would like to relax or spend some quiet time.           The rules of ♪ ♬ ♪ THE BANANA CLUB ♪ ♬ ♪ :   The main rule is to have a good time, leaving your stories and dramas at the entrance. Sex is tolerated in our club but far from the eyes of those who want to have fun. Have a minimum of respect for the work of the music DJ, but don't forget that behind each new playlist there are hours of work, research and listening to avoid sound bugs so that the evening is a success. The Security Team will ensure that its rules are scrupulously respected.
    • Yes but when I do nothing plays I have tried Soundcloud MXCloud the only one I can get to play is from this original post: http://virtualdjradio.com:8500/ but even there I can not select a different style to stream.  It must be operator error Ie I am doing something wrong. 
    • This Friday I will host a special Grand Opening of the Queen of Diamonds room. It will be a grand celebration for my love DesiMac birthday and honoring our beloved EclipseCult. Doors open @7pm Est with live DJs playing a mix of genres. It will be a memorable night. Hope you will join us!
    • Dumb question time! I have two!   1.  Is there a hotkey or way to resize an object realtime -- eg, to click, hold and drag -- that will size all dimensions of that object simultaneously? I can't figure out a way with either sizing tool to keep all dimensions equal. So far the only way I can scale an object equally is to use the scale widget, and use the same dimension number for L, W, H (and even that is a pain in the butt because all dimensions start out at 1, and anything smaller is then a decimal). It would be a huge timesaver to be able to just click, hold, drag all dimensions at the same time to make the entire object equally bigger or smaller on all sides.   2.  How do you resize a grouped set of objects?  Is there any way to resize an object that's comprised of several objects, where you resize all of them at once? It seems like if you can rotate them simultaneously (either independently around their axes, or around a center axis) you should be able to also resize them simultaneously, but I can't figure out how. Not being able to do these two things means I spend a lot of time messing with resizing and trying to line things up by eye, which can be difficult in a 3D space given foreshortening and other optical illusions.
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