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    • I see posts here going back to 2017 and the answers are TRULY chidshis . WE all know how it is done so remeatinh you download then merge then balan and blah is NOT what people need we need a TEXT PALLET or let me add a  GIF to a room  or even let me stream a video to a room.  The solution has to be from people with VERY little experience in this genre . COMMUNICATION is  ESSENTIAL. UNLESS you want to keep the  constructions to its most simple format/ Construction in 3DX is damn simple BUT the  steps to perfection are HARDLY simple. Even merging two files needs a 3 page discourse.  I have been at this since John McAfee's " POW WOW " (YEAH THAN JOHN MCAFEE) thats 30+ years ago.  and still it ay bot be the BEST in presentation but in communication? PoWow let you share your fave PORN movies to up to 10 friends.. dso we see this happening here. I dont think so. BUT still as far as REALISTIC rendering .. THIS IS IT      
    • Well If you are The Kind That Love rooms with street-Alley-Hood Theme Then this is For you   Few Words : Room is Only 194 KB yayyyyy meaning You can Forget what Lag is you can open this room Weeks and keep ur Pc cool  You can have 150 peeps easily Playing on Max settings . Its Not Only its awesome small file size Its also Due to carefully selected and  well Placed Props and items .   Not Many multi-prop items also that can kneel down ur pc and eventualy ur gaming experience .   Lets Face it rooms looks bad and Avis also look Bad on low settings Lol ,Every room i make its toward that specific Goal and that Goal is For people to be able to play on max settings while keeping ur pc fresh   Now about the room Many places to discover and appartments many Dark Alleys ^^ well they have Some lights so u can see ur nose haha anyways have fun and enjoy you can find the room here : https://3dgamessexworlds.blogspot.com/p/the-hood.html      
    • Like the Mod and the video How to see it in game soon.  
    • Hello everyone and happy new year and all the cool and fun stuff :)   Here My new 2020 Strip club <3  Few Words : Its Only 209 kb yayyyyyyyyyyyyy meaning its super user and Pc friendly  The build is clean and perfect - carefully Placed props So its give you that awesome Pc performance  This build can take easy 150 peeps without lag yayyyyy Also this build can look Full even with few people Due to carefully and stratigicaly placed items :)  You see personaly I dont just build i take into account everything while building  You can Find It Here : https://3dgamessexworlds.blogspot.com/p/strip-club-2020-3d-building-design.html         Here a video and few pics check the Video in 1080P well youtube lowers the quality a lil but cant be helped :)   
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