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    So this is just a heads up for us all to keep an eye on.

    I have noticed over the last few days that when i start a PM and add members to the conversation, when I submit the PM some of the members I invited do not get included in the PM.


    I just noticed that Alex was missing of a couple of PMs (regarding the COC) but I am 99% sure i invited him.


    I'll keep an eye on this.

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    umm your inviting them, so its not automatic. They have to accept the invite when its sent to them. If the invite is NOT accepted they will not be part of the conversation.

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    oh, I have never noticed that.

    I thought if I create a PM and Add them when creating it, then they automatically get the PM.

    So you are saying they need to accept the PM?


    7 hours ago, Chasan said:

    I just sent you an invite to Ashers and I conversation

    yes, but i never accepted anything, I just got the PM

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