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  1. Kyria

    Tattoo Test Female

    I gonna take the risk of making myself unpopular here, but it says "test", so i just give my thoughts on that. I honestly dislike the fact, that it changes every avatar in the game. I already saw screenshots of me, that looked ridiculous and it is concerning for me that it's out of my hand. Since this is a social game where you present yourself in a way, that suits you best, this is too much of an interference in my opinion. If one could chosse if or if not, it would be amazing and I hope it opens the way for more customisation.. but in its current state i don't think it should be available. And remember this is only my opinion..
  2. Kyria

    Tattoo Test Female

    do i see that right, that even if i don't have the mod installed.. others (that have the mod istalled) will see me with tattoos?
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