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Upload a file for share a creation

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Upload a file..

We here at the Modz site are very happy, about all the uploads you guys come with, and share your creation's so everyone, can use and enjoy them.
Thank you for that.


  • Its always best if the creator of the original object upload there own file.
  • If some upload a creation there not are there own, but have found somewhere els and want to share that. Please add the original creators name in the post/text so they still gets the credit for the creation.
  • If the creator are unknowing or you can't remember, so please leave a message in the text about that, and the Modz team will look into that.
  • A creation you upload and other people download, will be there own version of that creation. Some might change/adjust/add/remove some from that object. Thats the new "owners" choice.


  • If you see a file with wrong info on, then contact the modz team or make a PM direct to Lexzia, explain the problem, and what you see there should be changed.
  • If some see a download file they own, but not stand as owner or creator. Take contact to the Modz team or PM direct to Lexzia.
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