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Tips and Tricks:

For some is it clearly what and how to do. But it's not so easy for everyone.


  • Add your Tips and Tricks here
  • Ask for help to fix a building issue/problem


Let the help begins...

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  • Modz Gold Member


I will start talk about rotate a object there have many small objects togehter.

It can be something you have build or a creation you have download.


If you for example have made a sofa/couch and have added the sofa as one big object or have downloaded one.
If you want to rotate that sofa so its importen you choose the right rotation.

Here you see a Sofa there are one big object. The hole sofa is around 22 objects.

In top you see "Pivot" 



If you rotate with "Pivot" so the sofa will be one big mess when you rotate... Like this:

2018-02-05 23-33-32_811162.png


Instead you click on "Pivot" and choose "Center" then you can rotate the sofa as you want and make it fits in any positions.
2018-02-05 23-33-51_812307.png


That was a little Tips about rotate



(If some info are wrong, then contact me, so the fault/mistake can be fixed asap)


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