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Scaling pose fields (in .world file)?

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Hello :)

is there any way to scale pose fields?


I know that after i use the values to change the size it doesn't saves the result at the end, so when you manipulate a custom bed pose, it always throws the scaling back to 1.

I was just wondering if you maybe could add a "command line" in the world file which forces the scaling to "stay"?


After i opened a .world file just for fun to see if its maybe possible on my own by logical thinking, i just realised that there is no "s" (for scaling) in the command line for posefields, like for the most other objects (f.e cubes, cylinders...).
I tried to add a command line on my own but they all don't work because it only makes the file unusable at the end.


So my guess is it is not possible because 3dx would simply ignore that line anyways, but maybe someone has an idea how to do it?

I mean obvious the devs don't wanna have it scalable because it maybe would scale down the characters...
or "causing" any other bugs at the end but it would be really helpful when it would work in a way... "bugfree"


Thanks for reading... even if there will probably be no solution in the end :)



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