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Hello for those that follow my posts in general ,

you know that Gen series of clubs n houses purpose was to introduce new generation builds with complex awesome stractures n futuristic furnitures.

Now i want to take a step further into building 

introducing you the new line, The ''EVO ''

Evo line will take building even further bringing you the future of houses n clubs.

                build with the awesome 3dxchat world editor and u can check game here http://3dxchat.com


                             EVO 1 VILLA / RESORT  you can find it here : https://3dgamessexworlds.blogspot.com/p/evo-villa.html



2019-03-29 06-15-46_263495.png

2019-03-29 06-15-58_264236.png

2019-03-29 06-16-35_266432.png

2019-03-29 06-16-58_267798.png

2019-03-29 06-19-21_276132.png

2019-03-29 06-19-36_277044.png

2019-03-29 06-20-10_279081.png

2019-03-29 06-20-37_280673.png

2019-03-29 06-20-43_281046.png

2019-03-29 06-20-51_281537.png

2019-03-29 06-21-03_282237.png

2019-03-29 06-21-28_283743.png

2019-03-29 06-21-53_285195.png

2019-03-29 06-22-04_285781.png

2019-03-29 06-22-11_286170.png

2019-03-29 06-23-14_289915.png

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