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Members of the United Independents


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This is a list of our members and their clubs


Silvie Sun - Silvie's Summer Beach Club

Padme - LX Factory & Belem tower

Arran - Club in progress

The Double D (Wife & Myself) - The Double D Tuesday & Sunday with 8 different venues

MochaHunny - Mocha's Harmony Haven

RoseBlossum - Club in process

AI - Linny, Jamie, Hailee & Amy - 4 different venues and the Flaunt Dance team

Amey - Wet Pussy

Kristi - The Docks



Chloe - New Basement

Felia - Rock Bunker

HelenaB - Rockin Kats

Curiousret (Bill) - Chill with Bill

KYSO Entertainment - Blush, Alien, Valhalla, and more to come

Paulina - Paulina's Specials

Tena Foxxx - Red Fox Club





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