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MCU World Tour 11/04/2020


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Well it happened, some said it never would, some said it would flop, but hard work, great commitment and the willingness to work with all, forgetting Ego, pulled this off


5 stages, all using the same basic plane, built by Nym and updated by Alexa, decorated by the hosts and some by builder friends, followed 1 after the other, working and supporting each other at 5hrs a stage


Asia, hosted by AlphaWulf, Russia hosted by Alexa/Arran, Europe hosted by myself, West USA hosted by Carus & finally East USA hosted by WildHoney, all supported by DJ's, Dancers and more too numerous too mention here, but all from different groups, different genre's and different nations. Galvernised by Papadom organising but letting people be themselves too


Was a total priviledge to be part of this, am very proud to have been a very small cog in this adventure, with the main support coming from guest after guest supporting the venture. Others not involved shutting their own parties in support, who has ever heard of that? Amazing and something long to be remembered





MCU asia.jpg

MCU russian.jpg




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