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Millennia Luxury villa 3


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Hey everyone Just finished The new Millennia luxury villa 3 

wanna have it for Private OR open for everyone and do massive parties build in mind for those purposes :) 


The goal was again to build a luxury villa in a small file size so hopefully all ppl can be on extreme settings and no lag if many ppl :)

So villa is 803 kb ..short storry i had tons of ideas to do there haha but i wanted to keep it low file size :)

800kb luxury villa with non reflective floors and ceilings and 0 glitches in items on how they connect etc will give a awesome result :)

also this villa has all my new designs lights wise from wall lamps floor lamps and ceiling 

rooms is fully equiped with all latest triggers :) sofas made for multiusage all tables also have triggers 

you can find it here : https://3dgamessexworlds.blogspot.com/     


2020-05-05 15-37-14_160049.jpg

2020-05-05 15-38-44_165006.jpg

2020-05-05 15-33-09_146302.jpg

2020-05-05 15-33-30_147424.jpg

2020-05-05 15-33-42_148061.jpg

2020-05-05 15-34-43_151515.jpg

2020-05-05 15-35-09_153018.jpg

2020-05-05 15-35-19_153609.jpg

2020-05-05 15-35-34_154519.jpg

2020-05-05 15-35-47_155294.jpg

2020-05-05 15-35-58_155940.jpg

2020-05-05 15-36-08_156499.jpg

2020-05-05 15-36-29_157693.jpg

2020-05-05 15-36-50_158765.jpg

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