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The club for designers and members who want to have a club built by request. The Katya Club features many areas, and the designs speak for themselves.
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  2. hi im looking in this club for a designer who can help me fix up 1 or 2 designs ive started im not too good with some things like arangement or placement i was wondering if theres a designer out there that can help me ill attach the two files one thing i know i want other than arangement is the hearts on the chair seats resized to full and hearts on the inside back of chairs help please ty:) LA OPERA 10.world CLUB ONE 12.world
  3. Katya

    Bora Bora the Rainbow club

    A club build specially for Norizel who wants link the LGBT with 3DX community
  4. Katya


    Ty shayyyy your rooms are nice too and concept smart
  5. Ty Ayon Yes ive put hours, one month to build these place. For the visits the club come back in september, or if we meet in game dont hesit to PM and i will invite you to visit the place quiet and answer to your questions. Huggies
  6. WOW, this looks stunning. I can see hours and hours of time spent in this build. I look forward to having a look around inside at some point.
  7. Katya

    Atlantis island

    Pictures of the place, event parties are call Kraken Sonar and Poseidon Games parties
  8. Huggies, New room I will open during the Tomorrowland festival, (for the nuts tomorrowland is between the 20th and 29th July...) Ive base these room on the tomorrowland room trance. And try change a little and build these place under the sea. for the sharks and whales they come from 3DX mod; Here for the sharks: https://3dxmodz.com...ile/269-sharks/ Here for the whales: https://3dxmodz.com...ile/323-whales/ The openning event for tomorrowland is today: I have do an event on 3DX mod forum 14 hours fo mix and 8 DJ with a team dancer will wait you to enjoy the sound and the place i precise again i do personnal creation,i dont share the files, each place is for one person,dont hesit to come here for your ask: Presentation, rules and request
  9. Huggies, A new club to present you a personnal work again for my friend Kinteic i love his production of acid and electro he has share with me and i will add his work in my set so much his electro is fluid and powerfull. A great guy need more like him really Also one night we talked deco together and architect university and he has ask me an help for his club ive accept to visit his club in building. He wanted a system stage around and near the DJ deck without pollute de dance floor and isnt easy with the cam system of 3DX Also he has show me his room and yes wasnt possible he open his room like he had prevent also lot of challenges for me, secretly hihi ive build a new room but base on the first furnitures he had realise, the club logo the strip area the beds the signs and of course the stars and the mind. He wanted a real club with dark colors lot of a strong man in mind hihi litterally different of the pinky girl An erratum ive been inform the 22/07/2018, the place, the furnitures, the signs, the logos, the stars and the place was build by Babybell, also ive conserve her furnitures, her logo and her signs on the final room. I let now kinetic see with her if she is agree to let him open the place with all her stuf. Also the pictures, he has visit yersterday and was so happy, but with the actual shit hacking i publish before he open i prevent someone steal HIS room and its for Kinetic only i wont hesit to ban and do drama group with all the owners designers DJ i know and i know some to be in their side and support them for anyone steal them (little mind for semmi and gremio have been steal recently ). The club is base on the original idea of Babybell ive only building all the environement and organise the space and complete the deco to be more real in the mind. The color is dark, to cut with the star light. Ive use a deep dark blue apply on shine texture, and add a deep purple light on the dancefloor. For the fun part stage is a mix of yellow and blue light and do these green light in some area i selected Nature clubbing stars and electro in these room Lot of chance have an other openning even next week I will follow and put their flyer here too to promote them The place is prevent to be open the week end of the 29th july 2018 i precise again i do personnal creation,i dont share the files, each place is for one person,dont hesit to come here for your ask: Presentation, rules and request
  10. Huggies, A place build for my friend Esltar, an other ask for a club, I publish beofre she begins the events because of the fact anyone can hack my files and targ brefore the real designer and builder...... Follow the events the opeening coming soon on the idea ive base on the colonial mind because she is british and correspond really to her spirit The color light blue pink and white to link on the angel she is and the paradise she wanted For the mind Elstar wanted a club, but separe the clubbing mind and the sex part of 3DX, more in the romance Also present you Her future club, same rule these room is for her dont ask me the file.... i precise again i do personnal creation,i dont share the files, each place is for one person,dont hesit to come here for your ask: Presentation, rules and request
  11. Huggies, my first command A place build for my friend Norizel, its a mind of the desgin to build for someone want a nice place and have a wish, for the story, Nori searched a designer to build a beach resort club to create party where meet people with the LGBT. He let his room hours open 2 days per week depend of his IRL. 10 days to realise these place and Bora Bora has inspire me, the raindow link the the LGBT mind but in fact is more link on the romance and the life (sun an water cross on the earth). Dont ask me these deco its simple ive realise for Nori only i precise again i do personnal creation,i dont share the files, each place is for one person,dont hesit to come here for your ask: Presentation, rules and request
  12. Huggies I wont detail why we use these place hihi, its a personnal place, but all can hack the files also i post here in case of an asshole open a public room and targ he or she is the builder awesome community no? in all case if you want do a club of friends its possible i help you, just dont be shy, and i precise lot of the stuf BDSM come from these forum These deco is base on a church mind but the evil version for a succubus clan, to enter in the clan contact me even we are very restrictive i precise again i do personnal creation,i dont share the files, each place is for one person,dont hesit to come here for your ask: Presentation, rules and request
  13. Huggies, Ibiza Ocean club, ive base the deco on the real club Ocean Beach Club in Ibiza, 3DX version and with the stuf is possible to do of course These rooms have been build in 2 weeks, like all the place i do the rooms can put all the weather people want sun or night in fact I organise one or two free night party per week it depends of the rooms open and the mood. its a freemix party, I explain, the DJ come join ibiza, we talk about a challenge mix, and they do their mix in direct live in ibiza, its funny and give a real challenge for the DJ of course I apply myself the challenges with people and these parties arent plan and are more to develop contact and links friendly between people. i precise again i do personnal creation,i dont share the files, each place is for one person,dont hesit to come here for your ask: Presentation, rules and request One is the real club in Ibiza: Now the Room:
  14. Huggies, My first project For the story f these place, its my first work in building, ive create for Niine my love , a queendom for my princess in fact. These place is one month of work I havent really take note of the hours sorry The mind mix Egypt with the Alexandria lighthouse, babylonian suspend garden and greek mind. We organise parties with atlantis with a dj roster and have lot of visitor (120 the last time) Honnestly we dont waited so much until be steal in fact but for bad reason just because of a little mafia jealous in war against one person i wont tell the name these mafia is enough paranoid and big mouth But we dont care it hasent kill our mood i precise again i do personnal creation,i dont share the files, each place is for one person,dont hesit to come here for your ask: Presentation, rules and request Also atlantis:
  15. Hello, in first thank you to Chasan has create these club and really adapt to the projects i can do with people in 3DX... In these club I will publish the pictures of the rooms ive create. Some are open with my wife Niine or myself KatyaGKatt you know i think for some Altantis and ibiza ocean Club Important: Sorry If you search the files, I dont let my deco for people even you hack or publish the files i will never put the files of the clubs ive build. I do more a personnal work, I build clubs for people ask me to do or ask help in their deco and project. I give some explanation of my phylosophy here, I prevent, Its useless to try to convince or argue the inverse, I explain the reason of these phylosophy and I wont change my rules. Out of all copyright, I have a mind in architect mind you have the homes (include loft villas etc..) the public places, the private places. For my part actually i do only clubs, and a club is a private mind, in irl you havent 150 same clubs they are all ONE not more. For the industrial design we enter in the homes and do a concept of design in each can use the plans but in the home decorate like his or her mind. And the final the specific buildings, is a no cense to have 30 eiffel towers... Perhaps later i will do some homes but honestly I like build clubs and add a clubbing mind. For people wish ask me a club: (in game contact katyaGKatt) The rules for I accept to build a club for you is to have a real project with your idea and mind (dont tell me i want a club and that's all, be precise on your project the atmosphere you want, some ideas, perhaps pictures of clubs you have find in google etc....). You wish a club (i dont do villa), wish organise parties with DJ with dancers etc..... A clubbing mind in fact I precise, you can have a place open each days but the minimal is to organise some events for the community with DJ team dancer, etc... if i help you to have a place, just respect the same mind to share for people and do a minimal of entertainment. Sex is a part of 3DX also install sex stuf in the room I do no problem its necessary for a party even the first mind of clubbing is Deco Sound Atmosphere Energy.... Be precise on the offer you want do, you want romance areas, an exhib sex part a part for the strips etc.... Exeption: I dont do brothels, the pimps use girls and have a shit head no thank you stay in your home and pimp is the jail direct in my country... An other, the owner want do a room with a shit name and no sence full cold allowed with a shit name like slut-club-of-rape i refuse to lose my time for you... You can try to sell your mother to hope have more people perhaps it works... in resume you wont have my deco for a basic sex room call other designer dont lost your time with me. My mind is clubbing, and entertainment. Nota: if people find me "awesome" ive less merit than other designers, i just do an architect universityl it helps a lot for the creativity and space vue, Ive more consideration for a person begin the deco really and learn alone (I think specially of my wife niine and her catamaran). Now the clubs ive actually build, if you have read before lol also no problem enjoy pictures and visits when the places are open: - Atlantis Island - Ibiza Ocean Club - The E-Crypt - Bora Bora: Rainbow Club - Paradise Island (EdmGarden) - Starlight Club - Thunderdome Tomorrowland "Planaxis" To ask me an help or a project, its simple you post here your wishes, I precise just we are in summer and in hollidays, i cant deliver a roomin one week it need time, actually its better to wait for september. Im on a personnal project and need a little time.

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