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  1. I'm working on a trimmed down version of this, so it's not ready to be shared as of yet. It's still got some of the elements I want to keep for myself. That said, I'll be putting some of the pieces to be had soon. Overhead light strings, a different style arch, and those lanterns on the ground. The flying lanterns are already up for download
  2. CadeSaint

    St. Cade's Cove - Wedding Venue

    I took my previous venue, the Saint's Lake one, and modified it for a friend of mine. This was done in the BETA, so a couple of elements will be seen there. The area was modified to have a waterfall and a small lake behind it. The dock and back remained the same, save what you see.
  3. CadeSaint

    Saint's Lake

    A gallery of my main cabin and lake. I've opened it up a few times, I will probably do it more.
  4. CadeSaint

    Saint's Lake - Wedding Venue

    This was a project I started because a friend needed a wedding venue. I took my existing lake and modified it to have a larger dock to hold it. Everything is built fresh by me. Sadly, they couldn't use it, so as of right now, it's just something I have.
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