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  1. Small preview of a work in progress performance update. Before I begin thank you to every single piece being used in here and to the original creators. As of late I've gave up on creating much on Modz, I love intricate detail and the finer things and love to enjoy them. This setting is a CENSORED inspired remix of the Tower Unite with Pandions entrance. Majority of pieces have been obtained over time, I love blending what I can and making something beautiful as well working on custom things. Thank you to Blue_Moon for the OG Netflix TV's, Plush for an amazing Teddy statue, Kazama for a tricked out Dom Toretto charger, Torax with a very detailed gate & fine Chinese sets and other objects, Anaganda with the sickest bathroom wall you can find in her Island Villa, Furnitures found around here and there as well I would like to thank you all. Hope you enjoy what you see maybe one day I'll share/host it, idk. Cheers.
  2. IOTI

    Slut Resort

    4 story level club on an unforgettable resort island, keeping the pictures limited for you to explore for yourself. Enjoy. Side note; Designer Drop is not included.
  3. Preview Only, file has been taken down for personal uses only as many seem to use name Fuck Room lately.
  4. Use curtain and stretch it, make it thin as well so it looks flat and flush with the wall. Retexture to however you feel necessary.
  5. IOTI

    Downtown Ghetto Sluts

    Sneak peek of a street build coming soon.
  6. IOTI


    A few screenshots from a new build months back ago. Fonts by AlexaDarkness etc.
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