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  1. Manyasha

    Beautiful nature

    another one vision of 3dxchat nature
  2. Manyasha


  3. неа не видно, с такого расстояния они могут быть и из стекла
  4. круть!! так и думала что Алые Паруса))))))) а шторки из воды? или стекла?
  5. Manyasha


    Location for our friends "water crystal" for a year of their love by R&M
  6. So, people! Who has a lot of files with the stuff from the version of rochi ) with a resolution of .dat, there is a variant to throw the same clothes in the new version of the client, painting and possibility to paint parts of clothes will remain from a patch so for this purpose we need, the text editor, notebook or notepad +, we open a file of .dat through it, we add the letter f (for girls) and the letter m (for boys) in the beginning of the text and we press enter that would turn out two lines as on a screen, we keep a file with expansion.avatar. and it's all done ) the stuff is quietly loa
  7. Manyasha


  8. мур, спасиб)) тока с фильма слизано)))
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