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  1. Version 1.2.1 has been released it adds support for more file formats. PNG, JPEG, JPG, TGA, BMP, ASCII PBM, and ASCII PPM files are supported now.
  2. Well I am not a unity developer, but I have looked a bit on youtube and how to mod unity, I assume that would be the best place to start. There are a bunch of tool, and things that exist for extracting assets from unity games, and they seem to work with 3DX as well. I suppose what would be nice would be a community mod that provided a way, and documentation on how to add new content, and was updated with new things as the community created them.
  3. Illumination Designer View File Illumination Designer is a small application that lets you change the brightness of objects. It lets you load a .world file that has been saved using the "Save selected to file" option and change the brightness of the objects in it. The objects need to either be in a single group or un-grouped, when the file is saved, and they will be exported back as a single group whether they were in a group or not to start with. Advanced Setting lets you change the brightness of each of the three color channels manually most of the time it might not be useful, but now and then it could be. You can make objects glow using Illumination Designer even if they have materials on them. Illumination Designer gives a great deal of control over how bright objects appear, if you use the Advanced Setting option there is no limit on the brightness. Above is an example of a room with no lights on the night setting before and after using Illumination Designer to add brightness to the walls and floor. Submitter Niblette Submitted 06/28/2018 Category Niblette's Modz File type Standalone Application  
  4. They did it seems now to just be the rbg value divided by 255.
  5. I think that the issue is that the file format for new objects saved after 373 changed it now has a different header and the color value is also stored as a floating point value. So this program will need to be updated to work with the new file format most likely.
  6. Version 1.2.0 is out it has some big changes including support for standard .png files and a warning if you create a .world file with to many objects.
  7. I released version 1.1.0 it adds an option to combine objects horizontally in most cases that will be optimal or close to optimal. For some types of images it can reduce the number of objects to the image's vertical height in pixels.
  8. There are a few things going on first the distance you can view an object from is based on its size/scale not how far away it is but how large it is on the screen. So, if it loads its likely there you just cant see it since your not close enough to it. Try selecting the whole screen and seeing if you find it and then focus the camera on it. If you want to make an image smaller you need to set the X Y and Z scale as well as the offset to the same value even setting all four to 100 would make it hard to see though unless your fairly close to it like the distance of a small room. Also, I think the image is a bit large for using with full color. I have been busy working on a new version though that should combine objects and based on what the image looks like I think it will massively reduce the number of objects it will need by at least ten time.
  9. I was thinking about doing something like that but I had a complicated idea about it. I think I will do something simple and just make an option to make all the objects on the same line which are touching and the same color one object. That should allow for a lot more complex images.
  10. Naughty Designer II View File Naughty Designer II is version two of Naughty Designer reworked to work with the world editor and saves directly to the .world format. It adds many new features and options and has a totally new plotting system which is much easier to use and understand. It also adds support for ten primitive objects, full 24-bit uncompressed color, and materials. The current version of Naughty Designer II 1.2.1 supports two color modes 1-bit color, and 24-bit color which is basically a result of how it was developed to originally only support ASCII PBM, and ASCII PPM files. Naughty Designer II 1.2.1 opens most standard final formats PNG, JPEG, JPG, TGA, and BMP as well as ASCII PBM, and ASCII PPM files are supported. The interface behaves slightly differently for 1-bit color images then it does for 24-bit color images, so its good to keep in mind which color mode you saved your file in. Other color modes are not supported, so make sure you have it set for either 1-bit, or 24-bit color when you save your file. The Edit menu lets you set the material and open a image showing how objects are plotted inside 3DX. The new plotting system plots all images from the origin point that is set inside Naughty Designer II. By default it is set to (XYZ) (-75,6,-30). Which is close to the location of the default spawn point. Objects are plotted as shown in this example with the red dot being the origin point set in Naughty Designer II. The six different direction options let you pick which direction text will be viewed from so that it always reads left to right. The Set Color Override and Set Color Transparent options both require a hex color number without the #. You cant even enter the #, but if your trying to copy the color from another program make sure you don't copy it with the #. The Set Color Override will override the color of all the objects with the color that you enter. The Set Color Transparent option lets you set one color in the image transparent. Below is an example on an image with and without white (ffffff) set to transparent. The Alpha Threshold Color is the color that will fill the alpha channel if the alpha value is below the threshold value. The Alpha Threshold is the slider that goes between 0 and 255 with 0 being totally transparent and 255 being fully opaque. Only parts of the image with some transparent will be filled even if the value is 255 it will only fill alpha values up to 254. Setting the Alpha Threshold Color as the transparent color will then make all the areas in the image with that color transparent when the file is loaded. Naughty Designer II combines objects that are the same color both horizontally and vertically. Naughty Designer II has support for full color using PNG, JPEG, JPG, TGA, BMP, or PPM files for color images, but it also has support for 1-bit color for images that you want to only be a single color inside 3DX. When you open a PBM file it will by default have no color but you can set the whole image to one color using the Set Color Override option. If you are saving as a PBM file its a good idea to open the file that you just saved and make sure it doesn't have any errors from being converted to 1-bit color. You can then fix the errors manually and save it again below is an example of that work flow from top left to bottom right for a 40x40 black and white image. A similar work flow will work with any of the other image formats as well. Top left is the image resized to 40x40. Top right is it after saved to PBM format. Bottom left is after corrections. Bottom right is after being imported into 3DX using the Set Color Override option and with an illuminated material applied. (This still works but isn't necessary any longer unless you want to use ASCII PBM, or ASCII PPM files) There is still support for PPM & PBM files and those have the same requirements as before. PPM & PBM Files need to be in ASCII format. I have been using Krita during testing files from other programs might or might not work but I have tried to add some support for them, however most other programs seem to only save to Binary and don't have ASCII support. Krita is open source and free. You can download it here: Krita Homepage After you have opened your file in Krita save it as either a PPM or PBM file: Make sure you select ASCII when it ask you to pick default is Binary. If anyone finds any bugs let me know I am sure there are some. I would also like to hear suggestions for additional features if people have them. Submitter Niblette Submitted 12/14/2017 Category Niblette's Modz File type Standalone Application  
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