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The time for me:

Hey there and welcome to my Profile:)

I have been part of the 3DX community for a couple of years now and I have been enjoying my time in game.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


3DXChat and me:


Although 3DXChat is a sex game, I quickly saw that it was so much more with the ability to build clubs and have amazing parties supported by the fantastically talent DJ's we have in game.

The ability to build clubs in game quickly interested me and with the help of the Modz that are created by very clever people in game, i soon realized that this is the reason I played 3DXChat.


A lot have people have liked my clubs that I have built, however there are many more talented builders in game than me. With the release of the new World Editor in 3DX it has really opened the door for these talented people in game to show us their artistic talents.


Please feel free to ask any question you have about 3DX, building, Modz or the website as I am always happy to help with answers to your questions, just ask :)


If you wish to see what I am currently working on, check out the Builders Guild here on the Modz forums.

Also if you are new to 3DX and the World Editor, I really recommend look through the "How too" section of the forums




<3 Nym


Building a better 3DX one prop at a time!!

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