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  1. Was asked to build a nice party room for SoS DJ club. Here is what I came up with. Enjoy. Opening party TBD Morgi.
  2. Just re-downloaded this, and I am still getting this error... Not sure what to do here, this worked fine before latest Update. Like this app alot looking forward to using it again. M.
  3. Has anyone seen this yet? after server crash earlier today I log in and when ever I save a room, or some pieces of the room it saves as a .file, NOT as a .WORLD file. So when I try to merge, or load what i've tried to save the editor don't see the .file M.
  4. OK yesterday I go into a room, and I see the new cars from newest patch. BUT they are all Black Colored. Then this morging I see another Black car in a different room. Now in the editor I do not get a color pallet option for any of the new vehicles. Anyone know how they are getting this? The Morgi needs too know. psst and I'll never tell :)~ M.
  5. until

  6. until
    Grab your bell bottoms, skates and butts !!! Morgi
  7. Having an Open House Party Saturday the 17th Planning to open up room 10 or 11am PST <US West Coast> 7-8pm CET+1. Come on IN, look around, Grab a beer, Have some Fun, and or Naughty Fun. Bring a swimming suit, or a Birthday Suit :)~ M.
  8. Ohh and not to take credit for everything in the room, I did use a few props that others have added to the Modz sight, and 3DX forums. Thankyou to NiceKati for your Double Sunbed Thankyou to Menon for your Summer Pavillion, and Bench Think that's all, if I find others I will add credit due M.
  9. Thanks you, It was fun watching it grow. 3 weeks on and off.
  10. Morgaine

    Morgi's New Home

    Some Exterior Shots. https://imgur.com/g3ezgkN https://imgur.com/IfuuyFe https://imgur.com/62oKS4H https://imgur.com/B5rhEc9 https://imgur.com/LiazZWW https://imgur.com/hGmhvrZ https://imgur.com/We24xZ4 https://imgur.com/wWtFbAQ https://imgur.com/3kCgksa https://imgur.com/j0FNNFO https://imgur.com/iMD3KT2 https://imgur.com/sv2wphn https://imgur.com/W1nRwlD https://imgur.com/vVr33kn https://imgur.com/vJUOtgj Some Interior Shots. https://imgur.com/qNVfLW8 https://imgur.com/gffjybK https://imgur.com/dnvjsf0 https://imgur.com/J9BCEvb https://imgur.com/P3Ac8vg https://imgur.com/CpniHYp https://imgur.com/NSt3m4O https://imgur.com/kumVTM0 https://imgur.com/jCZCybt https://imgur.com/PXK0ndA Opening Soon for a House Warming Party. Hoping this Weekend sometime. PM me in game if you wanna looksee M.
  11. Thank you again for the dome and Sun I did make sure you got credit for those when I was asked about the room M.
  12. Welcome to ATLANTIS Hoping to have my 2 Year 3DX Birthday party in this room. October 7th EVERYONE IS WELCOME, AND CAN FIT !!! heheh Morgi
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