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  1. I think you have an excellent point Alexa, I will keep that in mind in my next build.
  2. Thanks Alexa, I am curious now, if you have an object in your club or anywhere that has a high object count, will the person in the club only experience lag only when that object comes into their view? Example, In your case would the DJ experience more lag than anyone that doesn't have your console in their view?
  3. I appreciate the input, yes detail is my Professor Moriarty so to speak. I was successful in opening my club at 1200kb with about 50 people there with no complaints regarding lag, but you are right in that 700kb seems to be a sweet spot for a larger venue. So you are suggesting that the 64bit client will do some good but not rise the limit of the kb's that we can use? thanks for your input ... Dallas
  4. Hey Kats! , Most of what I have seen and have built are in the 1200 range, I try to not go over 1500. But you are right 391 with 64 bit access might really help with this.
  5. Good to meet you Ines, and welcome to the madness... if you require any assistance we will be happy to help.
  6. Greetings, I am constantly debating at what level is too much, where the detail of a build is to a point where it negates the enjoyment of others that visit. So my question to the builders out there is... At what point in .world file size do you think that the average visitor will experience excess lag?
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