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  1. Firstly, I understand that you are trying to take over this site and inject your ideas and vision to it and that's great, carry on the mantle of what has become a successful and helpful website. This success and notoriety are due to hard work by Chasan, Shay, Alex, Lexia, yourself and hundreds of builders. But to point blank accuse people of lying in written form for all to see is simply illegally slanderous and unprofessional. Has Chasan told you directly that his intent was not to pay out the winnings? I think I know Chasan well enough to consider him an honorable person. Have you spoken to Shay directly regarding what has happened before publishing this? You can be suspicious and internally come to a conclusion about what has happened or what will happen, but to publicly accuse and besmirch one's character in a public forum is just wrong. Back to what I spoke of regarding the success of this website, you are assuming control and ownership of the name Modz and what goes with it, the reputation, content, obligations monetarily or otherwise. You cant simply take over the work that has been done, capitalizing on the good name and the notoriety that has been established with a clean slate by simply drafting a letter and mission statement of which 80 percent of the content is pointing fingers to someone else, right or wrong. You are assuming that mantel now and everything that comes with it. You must take the good with that bad. Moreover, cleaning house is your prerogative granted, but I find it unprofessional and lacks recognition of the people that built this site's success of which you will enjoy later as its owner. These are my final thoughts regarding this matter and this website, I simply can not be a part of the way this is being handled or managed, I wish you luck.
  2. I will have a response to this a bit later. I am afraid that if i were to do it now I would come off as a complete asshole to all involved with this utter lack of professionalism and what i would consider high school level incompetence.
  3. I think you have an excellent point Alexa, I will keep that in mind in my next build.
  4. A good friend commissioned me to build this F18 E/F Super Hornet Fighter. A fun build - Dallas
  5. Thanks Alexa, I am curious now, if you have an object in your club or anywhere that has a high object count, will the person in the club only experience lag only when that object comes into their view? Example, In your case would the DJ experience more lag than anyone that doesn't have your console in their view?
  6. I appreciate the input, yes detail is my Professor Moriarty so to speak. I was successful in opening my club at 1200kb with about 50 people there with no complaints regarding lag, but you are right in that 700kb seems to be a sweet spot for a larger venue. So you are suggesting that the 64bit client will do some good but not rise the limit of the kb's that we can use? thanks for your input ... Dallas
  7. Hey Kats! , Most of what I have seen and have built are in the 1200 range, I try to not go over 1500. But you are right 391 with 64 bit access might really help with this.
  8. Good to meet you Ines, and welcome to the madness... if you require any assistance we will be happy to help.
  9. Greetings, I am constantly debating at what level is too much, where the detail of a build is to a point where it negates the enjoyment of others that visit. So my question to the builders out there is... At what point in .world file size do you think that the average visitor will experience excess lag?
  10. Dallas


    For anyone that has played SkyRim this may look familiar. I took different scenes and villages from the day and consolidated them into this one world.
  11. Dallas

    Swiss Family Treehouse

    Just taking from the movie I wanted to make a treehouse that did not use the trees available in game so I built a custom tree. This large tree was used to place the various parts of the treehouse in. You have to enter the treehouse by going up a flight of stairs then to a suspension bridge from a smaller tree to the main tree. Once there you can go to different levels. There is a kitchen, a family area, and at the very top is the bedroom suite. The decor gives you the feeling that you are shipwrecked and you were forced to use parts of the ship to build some of the more luxury items of the home. This was about a 100-hour build. Mostly custom furniture.
  12. Dallas

    Virg & Shay's Wedding

    One of the finest weddings I have been too, awesome venue and build, perfect atmosphere, music, everything. Well done Shay
  13. Dallas

    The Millennium Falcon

    I built this about a year ago now, took what i could find off of Lucas Films Blueprints and other Wiki sources to try and recreate this beautiful ship. I don't know how many objects are involved but its got to be in the multiple thousands. I hope some of the Starwars fans enjoy...
    Tamara, this is an invaluable tool, thanks for all your hard work and time in doing this, its much appreciated -
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