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[DOWNLOAD] 3dxWorldPicture [World Format]


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3dxWorldPicture [World Format]

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WorldPicture is a tool to convert computer images (such as png, jpg, etc.) into a 3dx *.world file. The result can be stored locally on the disk to load it with 3dx or it can be uploaded directly to 3dx.

When starting WorldPicture, you get the following:


To create a picture for 3dx you typically do the following steps:

1.       Load the picture

2.       Edit the picture (resize, smooth, etc.)

3.       Create the Objects for preview

4.       Save the world file or upload the objects to 3dx directly

Application Areas


On the top (without colors), the menu bar and the tool bars:

Main tool bar:


Online tool bar:


The Program Areas are marked in Colors:


Picture Edit Area: Here you can load and edit the picture, which should be converted.


Settings: Here you make general settings for the resulting world image


Picture Elements: Here you specify the sizes and positions of the picture elements


Frame Elements: Here you specify the frame and if one should be created


Step List that describes, what to do to get a world picture (switched on/off by the green icon in the main toolbar)

Below yellow

Some statistics for the picture and the resulting image.

Load the Picture

In the following tutorial, the Guide on the right is hidden, to show more of the rest of the app.

On the Picture Edit Area, click the LoadImageButton.png.8cf2c06682e5cf19baf3b3360996d1dd.png  “Load Image” button.

Select the image in the file dialog and click load. The image is loaded and shown as background image, like in the following Picture:


Edit the picture

The next step is to edit the Image. Therefore, You use the Picture Edit Commands on the top left.

Here you can resize and use some basic edit operations on the image.


At least resize should be used, as a too big image creates a too huge object model in 3dx (e.g. a 100x100 pixel image created 10.000 objects, and so on).

At the bottom left of the application, the state is shown, like here:


This is the original size of the picture, including the number of pixels in the image.

If a change in the picture should be undone, use the Undo button at the bottom left of the Picture Edit commands.

The Example Picture has an original size of 1920x1080, which is 2.073.600 Pixels. If we create a 3dx picture out of it, it will be about 2 million elements. This is way too much, which is displayed by the highlighted size boxes


So, at least resize should be done. But resizing the image also looses details. So all other commands could make the picture better after resizing (Smoothing, edge detection, …) Just try a bit.

In Our Example, we just resize the picture:

Width Height Pixel
1920 1080 2.073.600
960 540 518.400
480 270 129.600
240 135 32.400








We use 240x135 in our example.


The size is still shown as critical, as it’s more then 150x150 pixels, but we decide to stay with it. The bigger the picture, the longer the calculation later on.

Create the Objects for preview

The next step is to configure the image creation. This can be done in the next boxes:

The Settings are the most important parameters, which you maybe change for each Picture:


Material is the object type, that is created, boxes, prism, hearts, etc.


The next important step is to choose alpha and equal value. These need to be set once, maybe modified per picture. Alpha means, whether transparent (or semitransparent) pixels should result in objects in 3dx or not. A value of 0 means, all pixels which are not fully transparent are created, 0.5 means, all pixels that are at least half transparent are ignored. A value of 1 would mean also non-transparent pixels are ignored (which would result in an empty picture).

Value for equal is used to create a segmented picture. Segmentation is the process of recognizing equal pixels and combine them to a bigger rectangle. This results in a picture with less details but also with less elements in 3dx. Look down for examples of segmented pictures.


 The Picture Elements only affect the creation of the world file and have no visual effect in the tool itself. They influence the position of the picture in world coordinates, the rotation of the single objects and the scaling and offset. Scaling results in the size of the single elements.

A picture of 240x135 with a scaling of 0.0350 results in a picture of 4.5 - 5 m.


If wished, the program can also create a picture frame around the image. The frame has the width and thickness which are given in the frame settings:


They are displayed in yellow in the program but will be wood in 3dx.


Examples for segmented pictures

Picture, which is not segmented (32.404 elements in 3dx):


Picture segmented with an equal value of 2.0 (10.472 elements in 3dx):


Picture segmented with an equal value of 5.0 (3.896 elements in 3dx):


Picture segmented with an equal value of 15.0 (10.472 elements in 3dx):


Save the world file or upload the objects to 3dx directly

Now you can save the *.world file (use Save.png.3eb5f5042e42def83c3542adaad5d2ad.png Save or SaveAs.png.7b4a74650c15dcd7c8f354077a1bdc3a.png SaveAs) or upload it directly to 3DX.

To upload the picture directly, you use the online toolbar:


From left to right:

Login - Edit Credentials - Upload - Reset - Clear - Merge - Select Avatar

First you have to login. If you have not entered your 3dx credentials, you have to enter them:


Then you can directly upload it to the room, which would remove everything else there. By using Merge, you can merge the picture with the current room.


Uploading the picture from this manual with the shown parameters (equal 3) results in:







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  • Modz Gold Member

What's New in Version 2.02 

now also rectangles are combined in image segmentation, not only squares.

Segmentation is optimized and color recognition also.

Algorithms are optimized. Warnings are added if pictures are huge (calculation time increases by image size)


Currently the last version, as I do not know, which features to add now ;-)

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  • Modz Gold Member


Hi Tamara,

I love this thank you for sharing. I usually catch on fast, but this one has got me stumped. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I can't figure out how to merge the picture in world. I missed a step someplace and I'm not sure where :S LOL.  Do I select the prop I want to add the picture to first? 


Help O.o

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That is not a problem, completely understand. I am just excited to see this new update and how user friendly it is. I will keep waiting at the bus stop :) take your time.

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  • Modz Gold Member

This is a really amazing program must of taking you sometime to create.. brilliant work, but is there really no way to just upload screenshots and pics to the game... I was just wondering if we can do it in our gallery what is stopping us from doing it in game?

Edited by Gman
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  • Modz Gold Member

Hi, As far as I know, there is no way to just upload pics to use thjem  directly in the room. This would include uploading the pics to the server and having a way for downloading them to the client and putting them on a texture.

I do not think that this would be a too big deal for the devs, but afaik, it does not work atm.

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  • Modz Gold Member

Je vais sans doute m'attirée les foudres mais je n'arrive a rien avec votre programme tout est trop lourd ... ça bug ... les images sont trop grandes ... un tuto en français serait le bienvenu ... voir même le plus simple serait de pouvoir nous servir de nos images directement sur les blocs de constructions là je Pete un câble ... sans doute suis-je trop idiote pour m'en servir mais je sais qu'ailleurs les intégrations d'images sont bien plus simple ... après tout on ne demande qu'a mettre une image plane sur un mur et non une image 3D ... là je rage 😡 c'est sans doute moi qui n'y comprends rien mais je rage de ne rien pouvoir faire 

Edited by TatyTh
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  • Modz Gold Member

hello all..  I have been reading over the tutorial and experimenting with it but my pics just dont show up in world.. what could cause this?



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