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Rules and Regulations


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Rules and Regulations

  • All my creations, is only for use in 3dx
  • All my rooms can only be downloaded on the Modz site here
  • No one is allow to upload my rooms anywhere els, with out my permission


If you download one of my creations, so its yours, and you can change,add, adjust etc as you want. But the lay out is still from me, there for you shall not upload my layout/room anywhere els with out my permission.

No one shall take credits for my creations, not even if they have change some small things. The room/layout is still from me.
If i hear about some goes around and take the credit, so i will ask them why. Remember i have the proof that its my creations.


If some ask for a update, idea, or some they want i build.

  • Then i will have a look at it.
  • Talk with you about it.
  • Think about what you ask for, and if i can do or want to do.


If i say "No" so it means "No" i do this because i want, not because i shall.


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