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Here you will find some of my download files i add.. 

I will also add some files on the Modz store, and all of them are ofcause FREE ;) 

(If some of you seek something, feel free to ask me)

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  1. Free

    Newik Mansion - Out Now

    Newik Mansion out now..

    OBS: For get access to Newik Mansion, and download it, you need to join my club first.. The club is open for everyone.  
    (You join the club on the right side of the club pic)

    My newest home to you all as free give away - Happy Easter everyone 
    Newik Mansion is a house i saw in a music video, so its build out from pic's form a reel house. I have just change some of the disign so it fits to 3dx and the way i like it.
    Now its out for all of you.
    I hope you like the special design on the house. It took long time to build the walls, so it all fits together.
    The house have also a special disigned balcony, there have its own level, a pretty cool detail i think  

    There are many details in the house, and homemade object's like the kitchen, sunbeds, sofa's, tables, PS4 and much more.. 
    - The BBQ is a design from Countrysoso, i had to add that into the room, bc it fits so good. I have adjust the BBQ and made some changes there. But its her wonderful design, so all the credit goes to her about the BBQ.
    - The pooltable is a re-design from Darkangels original pooltable design, so there all the Credits goes to her.

    You find Countrysoso and Darkangels original designs here:

    The pool you can of cause swim in, the bed in the bedroom have more then one bedpose added. Most of the table's are there poses on. The double sunbeds its a special design where you can lay 2 next to each other and take sun. (end of the sun bed you see the original sunbed, there you press for get the sun pose) on top of the double sunbed is there a bedpose where you can cuddle, sleep or have sex  

    First floor i have not added that much for the moment, its also a space area where you as the new owner can build/add what you like. or come with idea's about what there can be there. For now there are just a small party area.

    All in all the house have almost everything and its a cool design and special design, so i hope some of you like it, and want to use it  

    Enjoy the new home  

    I will update Newik Mansion over the time...
    Please leave a comment or a review so i know how you see the house here  

    Hugs and Kisses

    And Remember..
    - All my creations, is only for use in 3dx
    - All my rooms can only be downloaded on the Modz site here
    - No one is allow to upload my rooms anywhere els, with out my permission


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