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Bora Bora: Rainbow Club


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my first command :)


A place build for my friend Norizel, its a mind of the desgin to build for someone want a nice place and have a wish, for the story, Nori searched a designer to build a beach resort club to create party where meet people with the LGBT. He let his room hours open 2 days per week depend of his IRL.


10 days to realise these place and Bora Bora has inspire me, the raindow link the the LGBT mind but in fact is more link on the romance and the life (sun an water cross on the earth). Dont ask me these deco its simple ive realise for Nori only :P


i precise again i do personnal creation,i dont share the files, each place is for one person,dont hesit to come here for your ask: Presentation, rules and request







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