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"Reset" whole group to 0 X,Y,Z, rotation values


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  • Modz Gold Member

Hi everyone,

I have this issue, (trying to make group alligned to x y z axis)

When we have a Group of items, we cannot edit Transform as it was a single item.(Group value is always 0).

If you see the attached picture, I want to whole group to be straight on x y z axis (the Sofa + objects)....impossible as i can only do it piece by piece...
Also Snap angle does not accept decimals 


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  • Modz Administrators

Hi gr3g0ry2121

The transform tool will not work with Grouped items, it only works with Single items.


If you want to align a "group" to an XYZ point...place another single block at the point and then drag the group to that point.

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