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  1. Hi Amber, There are about 2 ways to deal with this. The first is to put like [ X ] Online [ ] AFK/Busy in your profile using different colors for each, or the other real way is have enough xGold to buy another AVI and use it for building only. John
  2. Hi Augustine, First thing to check is what your graphic settings are on in the game. Try turning those down to like Medium and see if this resolves the issue. Doing that helps a lot in most cases. That being said, depending on the size of the room and the number of people in it at the time, this doesn't always work. Next make sure your graphics card has the most up to date driver for it. Do not depend on Windows 10 to make that choice for you. It does not always work to your mutual benefit. Hope this helps, John
  3. The free version was a pirated version of 3DXChat and was removed via the Moderators of this board, as it should have been.
  4. Hi Tere, I initially had the same problem. I had to put the Filebrowser.exe file in the exclude part of my antivirus, and I also put the Patcher.exe in there as well. I also reinstalled build 392 as well. Ever since then, my worlds will load in the new version without issues. Hope this helps, John
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