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What is a Modz?


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Hi :)

Are you new to 3DXChat and have heard about the Modz that the game has but are unsure as to what they are?

Well you have come to the right place.


Modz (or hacks or .DLL hack as they are also called) are unofficial addons to the game 3DXChat.

These are not supported by the Game Developers and the game developers will not talk to you about them. However they have become popular within 3DXChat over the years.


The Modz bring extra functionally to the game that the developers have not added (although they have added some of the Modz features to the game that they have liked).


All the Modz on this forum are tested by Administrators of this forum prior to them being made available to download.

However with all third party addons that are .exe files you need to be careful and ensure your Antivirus programs are up to date.

When you install one of the Modz you should expect your Antivirus program to pop up a warning. This is expected as good antivirus programs should do this with all .exe files.

If you antivirus program does not pop up a warning....then look at your security setting in it...they are to low.


Currently there are different kinds of Modz available here on this website.


  • Build and Function Modz from AlexRyder and Rochi
  • Floor Creator Modz from from Tamara and IsabelSweets
  • Pole Art Creation Modz from Niblette and Lion.


In addition to the Modz, there are also Room files you can download from the site and upload to the game.


Look for Categories with "Room files" in the name.


Once Downloaded these files can be uploaded to the game. These uploads can be via the in game World Editor or via an external Modz.











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Thanks for the overview, but is there any more details on what each mod is for, for those who are new? Floor creator mod I think I understand, but I don't know what the other types of functionality are in the mods. Can you edit the above and explain what each type of mod does? Maybe show some pictures? The galleries are great examples of what's possible, but don't explain which mods were used. If all these questions are answered somewhere else, perhaps pinning an article or two might be useful. TIA for the help.

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