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  1. Uhm, it's only the client runtime 64-bit replacement, it has nothing to do with in-game functionality.
  2. Ah. It's not zip, it's RAR5, you should update your archivator program.
  3. Not sure what you mean. Patches 380 — 385 use Unity 5.5.5p2, so the same 64-bit patch should work.
  4. Your WinRar must be outdated, it's compressed with WinRar 5.
  5. No, you'll have to wait until I make an updated version.
  6. We have successfully completed the migration to a new hosting platform. Everything should be working fine, but in case you notice some bugs, missing content, or any other kind of unexpected behavior, please report them here, contact any of the staff members, or use the "Contact Us" form at the very bottom of this page. PS. Since now I'm the server owner — beware ];->
  7. Bitdefender is know to cause problems with 3dxChat network activity for some users.
  8. It never stopped working, I think? But I will be rewriting it all anyway.
  9. You can't close a person's room from another char's account since the login credentials are required to do that (as far as I remember). You can in theory have a purposely broken avatar configuration that would cause the people trying to load it crash, but I doubt that would actually work beyond crashing a single game script or lead to a disconnect. I haven't explored such an opportunity either though, since, why even? %)
  10. The chat logging has been there since 3dx v1
  11. Only if somebody manages to hack the 3dx server, but that's not very likely. And you can't tap into private conversations from the local client since the server only sends the messages to the participants.
  12. Uhm, I don't think you can do anything about it without at least some coding...
  13. This is probably something you need to discuss with the 3dx official support. You DO know this is an unofficial mods fan site, right?
  14. Just wondering, where are all the hot guys banners?
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