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Spanish House - 2021 NEW UPDATE OUT NOW v.02

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Message added by Lexzia

Over 1000 downloads.. This is crazy.... i had never think that so many people would download this house. Thank you so much, for all the comments and feed back :D 
It all warms so much. - Thank You <3 
I don't know what to do now.. haha.. Big Hugs to you all.. :) 


I had never dream about so many would download this house. That just show me, there are a reason for do this, and for build house's and clubs for you there need.
I enjoy build, so for me i enjoy help others to get some they maybe not can make or have time to build.

It's nice some people can use my creations. As i say "Better they come out for use, then stay in the dark on my PC" ;) 


Remember if some have a wish about a house, club, objects or a update to the Spanish House, so please don't be afraid to PM :) 

Thanks again to all of you

Hugs Lexzia

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About This File


For long time i wanted to update Spanish House to 2021 standard because people keep download it.
It was my first house i made when we got the new build editor, so i was very new that time. But after years practice and a lot of builds later, it was time to do a rebuild of this house.
I have kept the soul in the house, but other wise it have got a total makeover. It was a pretty huge job to do, but was worth it.

So what's new..
More or less everything besides the walls, but they have also got an update ;)
- New design
- New pool both indoor and outside
- New layout
- A lot of poses
- My own personal poses is added there as well (See Pic's)
- The environment in the room
- and yadda yadda.. go look and explore, you get the pictures

I could had added much more into this home, but have kept it down, so you can make your own personal touch as well. But it is full functional.!! 
But it's also for keep the file size down to help weaker PC's/Laptops

I hope you will like this new update, and please tell if you find some bug, so i will fix them.. 

Enjoy and have fun

Hugs & Kisses


All my download files are only for the Modz site.
No one is allowed to upload any of my files here or on other sites without my permission.

Edited by Lexzia

What's New in Version v.02   See changelog


Fixed some small bugs, and removed some objects there was hanging in the sky

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Thank you Lexi,   Your kindness for building such a nice room for others with zero talent to use is exceptional.  Its an awesome place. Many Thanks. 

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WOW awesome House !!! thank you Lexzia 

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Awesome makeover Leeexiiiii ? 
All your builds are amazing. Thank you, now I have a new home ?

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amazing room, congratulations

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Awesome Thank you :D

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Really lovely house, thank you Lexi for building and sharing this amazing map!! I usually don't have the time or patience for this kind of thing.

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Great Work, awesome B|

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Absolutely gorgeous build!  So big and so well detailed.  I was blown away.  Great job.

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Vielen Dank Lexi für deine harte Arbeit und mühe ☺️??✌️ auch für deine The Island Give Away08 und The Island Give Away02 da es da keine Möglichkeit mehr gibt dir dafür vielen Dank zu schreiben Lexi 😘

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A really great house.  Thank you so much.  


One question, my pools (indoor and outdoor) seem to be dramatically low on water in the beta game, after this last update to the beta.  I am not a builder at all, so this may be an easy fix, I actually suspect it is. 


But, overall this is a stunning house.  I really love it :)

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· Edited by Pugster


Hi Lexzia,

I'm somewhat new to 3DX but not virtual worlds. I was in SL for many many years. I also owned and operated my own opensim based virtual world for seven years and I've seen a lot of builds, and I have to say that this build is exceptional. Wonderful work!  I'm absolutely loving it! Thank you for sharing this with us.



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البيت يريد اصلاح ليس مثل التي في الصور السرير ليس له فرشه والخ ولا يوجد اثاث 

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Such a great design, many thanks for sharing with those of us who have limited creative skills.  So kind of you to share.

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El Cativo


Hi, that's awsome and exactly, what I am looking for, cause I have no talent for ...Now just thinking about, where to put the downloadfile....

Thanks a lot.

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This is a lovely home the fact that you can swim in the pool is what got me all excited. Great work.

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Thank you so much Lexzia. You are so talented. So good of you to share this amazing place for free! I'm off to explore!! Thanks again. Love and light Lynn xxx

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Thank you from one of the editorialy challenged Ii  will now have a place to be proud of Thank YOU

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