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The Island - Out Now...! 2.0.0

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The Island - Out now..!

The Island is a bit "heavy" room, i have try reduse it a bit and update a few things here and there.

The Island is actually my second room i builded after the release of the World Editor. It was builded right after "The Spanish House". So it have been here for long time now, and you might also see that, because my skills have growing since ;) (I hope and tell myself :P

The Island is a big Island Surprise :D But the house and Island is not a normal one. The hole house and the hole Island is used, so there are a lot of things around. It took me long time to build this one, and i had to take breaks here and there, because it was a big project for me.

What there is:
A nice house there have many details.

Kitchen (very detailed)
Two bath rooms where there is a sauna in one of them
Two Living rooms
One bar
Basement (filled with wine and...You tell me ;))
Out door swimming pool (and you can ofcause swim in the pool)

On the Island you can find:
A big forest where there are different places where you can chill or do other stuff ^^ (Follow the lights)

3 Caves where they all have different style and meaning. (I won't tell where they are)
Some chill area's here and there 

And somewhere there is a hidden room... Where i wont tell, you seek it out. But that room is builded like there have been happen something bad in the past.. You see when you find it ;) There are some sex objects in there as well.

The hole meaning with The Island is that there have happen something on that Island in the past (Like a dark history), and today there are builded a modern house there. So it's up to you to find these things.
So try not to use free cam in there, its more funny to try find all the things by yourself ;)

I have planned to Update the house later on. Because there is actually a sex room builded to that house too. But i have for now removed it, becasue i need to build a pose system for the different poses.
(You know the sex room from the Spanish House, That room come from this Island. But i want to build a pose guide this time, and also update some poses and add some new as well)

I hope you will enjoy it and Welcome to

Any questions? Feel free to ask me.. 

and if you have time please rate or write a comment , thank you




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2018-10-06 00-31-26_24153.png

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2018-10-06 00-33-16_26618.png

What's New in Version 2.0.0   See changelog


The Island - Upgraded

The Island have got a huge upgrade..
Here are some of the main fix/adjust:

-Fixed where the ground not fitted anymore (due to a 3DX update earlier)
-Redused the forest for reduse lag
-Resize the pool
-Overhaul of the house (New color and roof)
-Overhaul in the bedroom 

-Overhaul in both bathrooms
-New design of the stairs outside from house to pool. Now with bar under and DJ stand on top.
-Door to the basement from pool area
-Small fix/add in the basement

and other things... 

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Thank you very much Lexy it is a very detailed place. Amazing surprises which leaves a lot to the imagination.  This was a very hard work so thank you very much for the sharing of such a magical place

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Another awesome build Lexzia, i love the style and the details and always looks for more rooms from you :)

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