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Chat to active 3DX builders, 3DX Object Creators and get creative and technical advice
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  2. 3dxBromeo

    New Club Aura

    Updated from the last Club Aura that I never really opened. This is the club that's been open the last couple of Saturday nights.
  3. Speak with Alivia https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/profile/160-alivia/
  4. Ребята всем привет! Очень нужно построить локацию. Кто то из вас работает на заказ? отпишитесь)
  5. Me gustaria saber las teclas de ajustar para que son, Como puedo poner las acciones y cuando entro de nuevo a la sala no se han movido. Estoy cambiando mi nueva casa ustedes los creadores hacen maravillas los felicito
  6. Hi Amy You are welcome to up load the individually if you like as there is no restriction. perhaps name each file the different colors and people can pick which ones they want to download
  7. Hi! Hey I have a question about uploading stuff. I have like 7 color variations of a vehicle I made. Is it better to upload all as one file, or can I upload them all individually? I'd like to upload as individual files so people can pick their favorite color but I thought I would check first in case this feels spammy. Also I'm assuming adding a screeshot is another step after you choose the .world files to upload, is that correct?
  8. На сколько мне известно,Нет!))?
  9. Может ли кто нибудь сказать.. как 3д объект конвертнуть в мировой файл 3диксчат ?
  10. A few more pictures of the club for next weeks party Just have to do the bar now. oh and the Club got a name "Well of Souls" (from a book I read)
  11. Hi just a quick picture of my latest concept
  12. I know, amazing how i am that good! LOL
  13. Hi all If you have joined the Builders Guild then you are most likley interested in building amazing things with the World Editor within 3DX. But are you a bit lost as to how it all works? The awesome SpearMint has written a great article to help you on your way to building greatness!!
  14. When will you restart this contest?
  15. Admin

    Katsu`s WIP

    Nautilus Home and Club
    Looks Amazing Rishia It seem you have done a lot more to the build since I first saw it. Well done Hun Ayon
  16. Lonely on the road, bright and dormant, refined and neat.
  17. Inspired by the pool and club resorts in Ibiza and Las Vegas, I decided to try my hand at creating my own type of place. This world features 22 single rooms and 12 penthouse suites. It also features a pool you can swim in as well as a social pool and just a place you can get your feet wet. Dancing area is, well, wherever the hell you want it to be but mainly up towards the DJ stage. As stated, this is a work in progress, but it's probably not going to change a whole lot. Added smaller details probably in the future. Once I get the DJ stage set up right I'll have an opening party for it. Hopefully you all can stop by and see for yourself.
  18. This island home was my first attempt at building a house. I used a blueprint I found online to get inspired to build this. It's rather hard doing an exact copy of a blueprint build over to here simply because or sense of scale is off here. This was also before I discovered the ability to link corners together. Such a time saver! I've added the outdoor BBQ to my first publicly accessible world objects in a couple of different areas. Not sure how I get it in here as well.
  19. Nice... Well done The place looks really cool, hope to see it one day

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