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Toaster and Friends 1.0.0

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MMM... Toast.


In this download is a toaster (with red glowing toasting action), toast with raspberry jam, a jar of raspberry jam, and a plate of un-toasted bread.



  • Everything is located on a high visible disk in the center of the world 100 meters in the air (x:0, y:100, z:0), so make sure you have nothing there before merging it into your world.
    • If this doesn't work for you  then load the toaster separately, move it where you need it, save it, then load your world again and re-merge the toaster).
  • I left things in the following groups for you to play with, rearrange, or delete if you don't need something.
  1. Toaster (minus the up/down lever)
  2. Toast in the toaster + the toast up/down leaver so you can have your toast up or down (just move it up or down).
  3. Cup with Coffee/Tea (double click and change the color of the disc to black if you take your coffee/tea without cream).
  4. Plate of Toast with Jam on it. (double click the jam shapes and change their color/material to suit your condiment preference)
  5. Plate of Un-toasted White Bread. 
  6. Jar of Raspberry Jam.
  7. A knife (not the stabby kind).
  8. Table (this is just a default table for reference, you can delete if you want a different table).
  • The toaster is cordless... because of batteries or wireless AC or something (cords are hard).
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Charity Fine


Thanks Amy That toaster will look great in my new build CherryBomb! A 50s Diner.


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Can you add a "Marmite on toast" option :)

Very Kool props, thank you.

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